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Regarding The News editorial, "Curbing FBI power," I think it is a strange time to be curbing the bureau's power. The FBI is one of the more important government agencies that might deter a terrorist attack. And the experts on anti-terrorism are sure another attack is coming. This next one undoubtedly will be worse than 9/1 1.

Consider just a few things: The geography of our country makes it wide open to attack. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union made more than 150 suitcase-size atom bombs. The Russians can't account for two-thirds of them. That means they're out there somewhere, probably on the international black market, up for the highest bidder. Our country has plenty of enemies who would enjoy using a couple of bombs on us.

We don't know where: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Buffalo? I shudder to think of all my fellow citizens who will be killed, innocent children and women. If the FBI has a hot lead on a possible terrorist attack, let's not slow it down by putting road blocks in its way.

Edward Thill


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