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WHAT: Jackdaw

WHEN: 11 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: Evolution, 7800 Transit Road, Williamsville,


INFO: 565-3760

There are a few people in this town who'll tell you that the guys in Jackdaw are a bunch of punks. Well, they're six beer-swilling guys from South Buffalo whose music is influenced by the likes of the Pogues and the Clash, so what do you expect?

Their die-hard fans, known as the Jacks and Jackies, are expecting a raucous, engaging show Saturday night in Evolution, 7800 Transit Road, Williamsville, as they send their favorite Celtic rockers off on a weeklong tour of Ireland that will include three shows in Dublin, Killarney and Connemara. What the band didn't expect, though, is that about 60 Jacks and Jackies would sign up to go with them.

"The response has been way more than we expected," said guitarist-singer Tim Byrne. "We oversold the bus, and now we have an extra van along with it."

Though the pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle may be the ultimate journey, it's by no means the band's first impressive venture on the road. It has played some of the most renowned rock clubs on the East Coast (the trip will be bookended by shows in the fabled Bitter End in Greenwich Village) and had great success in the Midwest as well, a fact evident in the presence of fans from cities such as Cleveland, Detroit and Indianapolis. Fans from North Carolina and, believe it or not, Belize, also signed on to head across the pond. Jackdaw has its last two albums, 2002's self-titled effort and this year's "Triple Crown," in heavy rotation in major radio markets around the world.

Audiences are drawn to the band's dynamic arrangements, its pint-waving barroom anthems and its blue-collar work ethic.

"They are Buffalo," said WGRZ-TV's "Daybreak" anchor, Pete Gallivan, a proud Jack who has been known to bring his guitar onstage at shows. "They're lunch-bucket guys who work other jobs, but they know how to have a good time, and they make sure their fans do, too."

Of course, these folks aren't going to Ireland just for the shows, but neither is the band. "This is as much vacation as it is work for us," said multi-instrumentalist and singer David A. Moore, "and we're excited to share this experience with those who've supported us and allowed for this to happen."

"I can't wait to get into the countryside, get out of the bus and just listen -- it's a mystical feeling," said drummer George Tutuska. "I've never felt so comfortable and at home than there. I won't want to come back."

That serenity is sure to be fleeting, though. As anyone who has seen the band, which also features Mike Jordan (vocals, guitar), Tommy Jordan (bass, vocals) and Joe Davies (violin), will tell you, when this rolling band of rowdies hits the pubs, all bets are off.

"He's right, we may not want to come back," said Byrne. "But there's a good possibility that we'll get kicked out of the country before the end of the tour."

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