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Today's deal from the ACBL Summer Championships features an incredible defensive play. It was published as fact in the tournament Daily Bulletin.

At both tables of a match, West led a diamond against 3NT, and East took the ace and cashed the king of clubs before returning a diamond. At one table South's jack lost to the queen, and a third diamond went to his king. He finessed in spades for six tricks, but a heart finesse lost at Trick 11 and West cashed a diamond for down one.

In the replay, the first two tricks were the same, but when South played the jack of diamonds at Trick Three, West, Shaya Levit, let it win! Now South thought he might succeed without a lucky lie of the spades. He led to the ACE and returned the queen of hearts, unblocking his jack and aiming for four hearts, two diamonds, two spades and a club.

West took the king and led another diamond, and South wound up down two, losing 2 IMPs. Would you believe it? Levit's team won the match by 2 IMPs.

You hold: 4 A J 10 4 K J 2 Q 10 8 3 2. As the dealer, South in today's deal opened one club and rebid two clubs over a response of one spade. Do you agree with his actions?

A: I wouldn't have opened: The long suit is ragged, and the lack of length in spades is discouraging and may entail an awkward rebid problem. If I opened and heard partner respond one spade, I'd bid 1NT next. A rebid of two clubs would suggest a longer suit.

South dealer.

Neither side vulnerable.

A K J 6 5 2
Q 7 6 3
7 6
Q 10 7
K 8 2
Q 9 8 5 3
9 4
9 8 3
9 5
A 10 6 4
A K J 5
A J 10 4
K J 2
Q 10 8 3 2
South West North East
3NTAll Pass
Opening lead -- 5

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