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A preferred OO7 ...
Pierce Brosnan really hopes fellow Irish actor Colin Farrell will replace him one day as superspy James Bond in the 007 movies.

Last weekend, Brosnan said several actors could ably fill his shoes as Bond, "but I'll give it to Colin Farrell. He'll eat the head off them all." He echoed those comments this week while attending the premiere of his new movie, "After the Sunset," and also starring Salma Hayek, Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle.

Brosnan, 51, played Bond in the last four 007 films. Farrell, 28, appeared with Tom Cruise in the 2002 sci-fi thriller "Minority Report," and has the title role in Oliver Stone's upcoming "Alexander."

"I would not like anyone else to be Bond," Brosnan joked. "I would like them to stop there and never do another one." Other actors mentioned as possible candidates to take over the Bond role include Hugh Jackman, Jude Law and Colin Firth.

Eminem rap syncs ...
Today's nonstory is all about the hottest nonscandal in showbiz: Lip Syncgate. The latest has the New York tabs getting all excited about Eminem's performance on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend, a week after Ashlee Simpson was busted fakin' it. While some speculate that Mr. Mathers sinned and synced, his rep says Em "rapped live" to a backing vocal track to create a double vocal effect.

Madge and Versace ...
What happens when world-renowned designer Donatella Versace turns to her bud, world-renowned vocalist (and non-lip-syncer) Madonna, for help publicizing her latest line of apparel? The Material Girl said sure, she'd love to pose for a new Versace TV and print ad campaign. Well, for $12 million.

According to the New York Daily News, while the early word was that Madge would do the turn as a favor, she has entered into negotiations, involving real dough. Everyone stands to gain here: The house of Versace, struggling lately, could use the boost, while the Mystical Mom would get to don some slinky rags to show how hot she still looks at the age of 46.

Jean pleads for peace ...
Wyclef Jean spent the weekend in his homeland of Haiti, pleading for the end of a wave of violence between street gangs and cops that has most recently led to the death of 70 people.

The mess is in part due to demonstrators' demands for the return of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, leading to clashes that have left almost 200 people dead over the last two months. Jean, on site to promote dialogue between warring sides, will do a peace concert in December.

An ace on a roll ...
Tobey Maguire has a hot hand -- and very droopy eyelids. The "Spider-Man" star was the big winner at the all-night Phil Hellmuth Invitational Poker tourney at California's Hollywood Park & Casino last week. The actor, who wore sunglasses and a baseball cap, sipped green tea and Coke to stay awake during the game, which started in the early evening and broke up at 8:45 a.m.

Maguire, who outlasted 123 other players (including Danny Masterson of "That '70s Show"), turned his $2,000 buy-in into first-place winnings of $95,480.

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