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Lake Erie

Trout: All feeder streams and creeks were high as of Wednesday and it doesn't look good for the weekend, said Lee Weber at Weber's Bait & Tackle in Evans.

A walk along smaller feeders or side feeders of Cattaraugus Creek could be productive. Rainbow/steelhead trout have moved into every stream along Erie shoreline from Buffalo to west of Erie, Pa.

Both Canadaway and Chautauqua Creeks were high and muddied early Wednesday, but runoff cleared entrance mouths and slowed angler traffic. Diehard stream waders could have a good outing or two. Others headed up muddied streams that hold good trout numbers.

Bass: Boaters have a bass fishery to themselves along rocky shoals with 20-foot edges. High winds and waves keep bass and perch anglers off open-water sites many days.

A drift or anchorage around the power plant warm-water outlet can be good for trout at first light and for bass at any hour.

Perch: Last reports were of fewer but big perch holding in deeper waters either side of Cattaraugus Creek. A school or two showed along the 45- to 50-foot lifts and drops directly off the creek, but bigger schools hold deeper, often in 65- to 70-foot depths some five miles off shore.

Lower Niagara River/Lake Ontario

Trout/Salmon: A few salmon linger but steelhead trout and a few browns show in drifts at Devil's Hole. Stained but not muddied waters began running in lower river Wednesday, which slowed but didn't kill salmonid drifters. Casters from shore need likely offerings to be with day's hot baits: Egg sacks, skein, spoons or Vibrax spinners.

Go below Burt Dam with red netting on tied egg sacks, suggests Karen Evarts at the Boat Doctor in Olcott. A few salmon still hold in deeper pockets in Olcott Harbor, but browns now outnumber either steelies or salmon running up Eighteen Mile Creek to the dam.

Fishing pressure on Oak Orchard Creek, especially below the Waterport Dam, has been heavy even with the Oct. 1 one-fish limit for trout in Lake Ontario feeders.

To avoid crowd on the main stream, head to Sandy, Johnson and other smaller feeder streams .

Most egg offerings (sacks, small skein segments or single-egg rigs) attract bites, mainly from browns.

Steady stream chuckers can have fun with browns at Oak Orchard and Eighteen Mile creeks.

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