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This is by no means just another funny movie.

Actor/comedian Chris Rock stars as Lance Barton, a New York City bike messenger who aspires to be a comedian funny enough to play the Apollo Theatre without the customary "boo" off the stage (which earns him the nickname "booey" from Apollo patrons).

At this pivotal point of his career, Lance's life takes a dramatic turn -- when his soul is taken moments before he gets hit by a truck and he goes to heaven.

Here he meets "King," manager of heaven, and is informed that he was accidentally taken before his time. This is when he goes back down to earth in the corpse of a newly dead white millionaire insurance tycon, Charles Wellington.

By having Lance's personality in Wellington's body, sweet and sour comedy is created in the mix.

"Down to Earth" has the typical "second-chance-at-life" plot with frail dialogue. It doesn't help much that Rock can't wipe that smirk off his face and that he can't act.

Despite this, the movie is not a waste. Rock's comical antics play on racial humor. Therefore, a degree of important truths about life, race and society are brought to light in this film.

Don't expect an Oscar-winning performance or an engrossing plot, but if you are looking for strong laughs on sensitive subjects, "Down to Earth" is a movie to see.

RATING: 2 STARS out of 4

Linel Brown is a sophomore at McKinley High School.

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