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Police today were continuing to investigate the apparently drug-related slayings of two men and a woman in an upstairs apartment at 1891 Bailey Ave.

They still were trying to identify one of the men, who police said might have been from Jamaica.

The other victims were identified as Fearon E. Williams, 28, who lived in the apartment, and Donnette McClary, 32, of Winslow Avenue. They were described as acquaintances.

Material and other evidence of cocaine packaging were found in the apartment.

"The circumstances certainly suggest that it's drug-related," Homicide Chief Joseph Riga said Monday.

The three had been shot methodically with a 9 mm handgun sometime Saturday morning or Friday night. No signs were found of a forced entry. Two of the bodies were found on the living room floor and one on the couch.

Police said Williams' extensive criminal background, dating to 1987, included some drug-related incidents and a murder charge in 1990 that led to either a guilty plea or conviction on a robbery charge.

The bodies were discovered Sunday evening by a downstairs neighbor who went to investigate water running for many hours.

The city has had 10 homicides in the city so far this year.

People living nearby said they knew next to nothing about who lived in the upper flat.

Two neighbors, neither of whom wanted their name used, both said they had no idea who lived in the house and never saw anyone coming or going.

One said she sometimes would see late-model cars and hear noise -- and occasional arguing -- late at night but no other activity.

"I used to think there was an older couple living there who never went out," she said. "You saw lights on at night sometimes, but nothing else. . . . I was in a state of shock when I heard what happened."

Another woman, who has lived on the street for years, said she had considered the neighborhood was safe until she and a friend were mugged about a month ago while walking home from bingo.

The woman received a bump on the head, and her friend suffered a broken foot when they were pushed down and robbed of about $30 by two youths.

The muggers never were caught.

"The neighborhood has gone downhill, and you start fearing for your safety," the woman said. "A lot of people say they feel like prisoners in their own homes. . . . You have to be on the alert for everything."

Lovejoy Council Member Richard A. Fontana said that while many residents have lived in the neighborhood for a long time and are good people, "There is no denying but there is a criminal element, mostly connected to drugs."

He said police are making numerous arrests, and the city has demolished numerous vacant houses that often are used for drug activity.

Fontana said he had stopped at the house where the slayings occurred several months ago to talk to a resident, who has since moved, on a different matter.

He said the house appeared to be in relatively good condition.

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