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Pupils from three Amherst middle schools qualified Saturday for the State Science Olympiad in April.

Amherst, Heim and Sweet Home middle schools head to the state competition April 28 at the University at New Paltz after placing first, second and third, respectively.

Williamsville's Mill Middle School, which finished fourth, was named the alternate.

Seventeen middle school teams from Western New York competed for entry into the State Science Olympiad.

For the following events, individual award winners in the Erie-Niagara Division were:

Battery Buggy: gold, Gow School (Mike Brooks and Brian Lee); silver, Amherst (J.W. Guido and Mike Humphrey); bronze, Mill (Rob Chudy and Louis Cascino).

Bird Brain: gold, Amherst (Jungmin Kim and Steve Rogers); silver, Sweet Home (Bill Dunker and Richard Stack); bronze, Buffalo Performing Arts (Bethany Wagner).

Bridge Building: gold, Mill (Rob Chudy and Rene VanEe); silver, Casey (Rick Weiss and Shar Thevanayagam); bronze, Heim (Micah Garner and Jon Guerra).

Dynamic Planet: gold, Sweet Home (Kelly Konecko); silver, Buffalo Performing Arts (Samantha Potter and Chade't Aleem); bronze, City Honors (Zoe Hyman-Levy and Sanjay Cannare).

Egg Drop: gold, Casey (Jeff Justen and Robert Justen); silver, Amherst (Eric Newton and J.W. Guido); bronze, DeSales Catholic (Dan Rodriguez and Joe Neubecker).

Experimental Design: gold, Amherst (Robert Halm and Dave Magoss); silver, Mill (Paul Marszalkowski, Rob Hoy and Anna Marszalkowski); bronze, City Honors (Hannah Whitney, Erin Heaney and Shannon McCarthy).

Life Process Lab: gold, Amherst (Jungmin Kim and Jenn Testa); silver, Transit (Guli Zhu and Rony Ma); bronze, Hamburg (Tracy Herrmann and Dan Riordan).

Metric Mastery: gold, Amherst (Len Shulgin and Jenn Testa); silver, Mill (Dan Wauhkonen and Kevin Fortner); bronze, Hamburg (Carl Felice and Mike Briscoe).

Mission Possible: gold, Maple Grove (Kyle Yeversky, Mike Goebel and Pam Hoglin); silver, Amherst (James Guido, Mike Humphrey and Bill Niblock); bronze, Casey (Robert Justen, Jeff Justen and Shar Thevanayagam).

Physical Science Lab: gold, Amherst (Len Shulgin and Rob Halm); silver, Mill (Rob Hoy and Dan Kuntz); bronze, Transit (Athul Seshadri and Ketan Bedmutha).

Reach for the Stars: gold, Amherst (Len Shulgin and Rob Halm); silver, City Honors (Salma Mirza and Carolyn Pilgrom); bronze, Heim (Eileen Shieh and Debanjali Ghosh).

Road Scholar: gold, Amherst (Adam Banasiak and Piotr Kozlowski); silver, Transit (Guli Zhu and Athul Seshadri); bronze, Sweet Home (Jessica Reich and Steve Puleni).

Rocks and Minerals: gold, Amherst (Adam Banasiak and Steve Rogers); silver, Heim (Jayoung Yoon and Richie Fiorella); bronze, Mill (Paul Marszalkowski and Dan Wauhkonen).

Science Crime Busters: gold, Amherst (Mike Humphrey and Jessie Lake); silver, Park (Joe Galler and Marjorie Galler); bronze, Buffalo Performing Arts (Amanda Kosior and Alyssa Whiteside).

Science of Fitness: gold, Transit (Michael Oh and Guli Zhu); silver, Heim (Kat Sphingate and Eileen Shieh); bronze, Park (Marjorie Galler and Eric Porto).

Water Quality: gold, Amherst (Justin Pratt and Steve Rogers); silver, Park (Jeremy Freeman and Marjorie Galler); bronze, Mill (Dan Kuntz).

Wright Stuff: gold, Amherst (Justin Pratt and Alex Thomson); silver, St. Amelia's (Mike Maerten and Drew MacVittie); bronze, Gow (Rand Sheets and Evan Machado).

Write It-Do It: gold, Transit (Michael Oh and Yun-En Liu); silver, Park (Kathryn Manning and Jeff Kraus); bronze, Buffalo Performing Arts (James Moffitt and Samantha Potter).

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