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All My Children: Mateo found Arlene on the tropical island and brought her back to Pine Valley. Adam agreed to get Arlene off the hook regarding the stolen necklace in return for Arlene giving him an immediate divorce and agreeing to leave town. Ryan took Gillian away to flee Jake's pressure, but she collapsed en route. Leo demanded that his mother stop meddling with his life and revealed his love for Greenlee. Meanwhile, Roger crushed Greenlee by stating that she was never wanted. After being rushed to the hospital, Sarah came out to her mother, and Erica turned out to be the one offering love and support, winning Bianca's appreciation. Coming: Leslie makes a threat against Dixie. As the World Turns: A shootout at the Snyder barn put several lives in jeopardy. Craig admitted his true motives to Bryant. Henry was forced to confess his actions. Julia's behavior threatened to undermine Carly. Hal, angrier than ever, obtained new ammunition. Simon made a strong point with Lucinda. Jake and Molly went fishing for clues, as they came closer to the end of their quest. Coming: Bryant has to deal with a difficult offer.

Bold and Beautiful: A grieving Taylor wondered who was at fault for Steffy's death. Ridge tried to deal with his pain by returning to work, but exploded at the sight of Morgan, blaming her for the loss of his child. Later, Morgan paid off a crewman from St. Thomas who had secretly chloroformed Steffy and brought the child to her. Morgan attempted to disguise Steffy's looks, but the newly hired nanny got suspicious when the hair dye washed out. Deacon was crushed on overhearing Amber say that all she feels for him is pity. Bridget was immediately smitten when she encountered Deacon at the Insomnia. Coming: Morgan stops at nothing to get revenge.

Days of Our Lives: Gunshots filled the ballroom at the coronation, mortally wounding Angela, whose last wish was to have Brandon get the tape. After Moroni reluctantly complied, his guilt overwhelmed him and he ended his life. Austin clung to the side of a seriously wounded Greta, sparking Sami's jealousy. Mimi survived surgery but remained in guarded condition, while a critically wounded John recovered while on a ventilator. Roman and Abe had to tell Brady about his father's condition. Kate believed that Victor, who had been shot, was dead, while Nicole furthered her own agenda by announcing that Victor had been killed. Coming: Sami's emotions get the better of her.

General Hospital: The warehouse exploded, trapping Sonny and Benny inside until Jason rescued them. Sonny then stormed Sorel's hideout with Jason but, fearful for Carly's safety, he told her that the wedding is off. Nikolas and Gia's behavior became increasingly passionate as they continued to deny their true feelings. Bobbie feared that she had driven Roy away and back to Melissa. Following his visit to Melissa, Roy and Bobbie came clean about their past and expressed their mutual love. Both were unaware that Melissa decided to move to Port Charles. Elizabeth continued lying to Lucky about Jason's presence in her life. Coming: Sonny struggles with a big decision.

Guiding Light: Michelle delivered a warning to Maria as they quarreled about Danny. Richard and Edmund's rivalry took a turn that could prove deadly. Reva went to a former enemy, Alan, for help in solving a problem. A startled Ross discovered Blake's plan. Josh was pleased with Marah's sudden "change of heart" regarding Tony, while Olivia urged Sam not to give up. Harley found a new roommate. Coming: Olivia draws battle lines against Marah.

One Life to Live: Skye schemed that she and Max would drug Blair and make it appear as though Max slept with her. However, when Todd saw a naked Blair in Max's arms, he didn't give Skye and Max the explosion they anticipated. Instead, Todd convinced Blair to move ahead with their wedding. Asa insisted that he didn't hire a hit man to kill Ben, but Bo admitted to Ben that Asa could have been responsible. Asa saved Nora, who realized she was in danger from an obsessive Colin. Antonio surprised Roseanne by asking her out. R.J. let Cristian in on another side of his business, as their association prompted arguments. Coming: Antonio is ready to arrest Cristian.

Passions: Theresa was devastated when Ethan said that he can't marry her because he doesn't know who he is anymore. Gwen was elated as she watched Theresa return Ethan's engagement ring. Fearing Ethan's reaction, Theresa geared up to tell him that she knew the truth, but lost heart and couldn't go through with it. Father Lonergan promised to help Kay regain her soul if she helps Miguel save Charity. Sam didn't want to hear Ivy's apology, but he softened with her tears and embraced her. Grace saw them and passed out, losing the baby. Grace lost the will to live as Sam and Ethan blurted out that they want nothing to do with each other. Coming: Ethan is determined to know who betrayed him.

Port Charles: Ian confessed that he still loves Eve but cautioned that they can't be together because their lives would be at risk. Ian and Eve shared a kiss, which Arianna witnessed and feared the end of her marriage. Ben sensed a connection between Ian and Eve. Livvie shocked Lucy and Kevin with a new look, announcement of her involvement with Chris and her revelation about Lucy's fling with Jack. Jamal was ready to participate in Aaron's money-raising scam, but backed out at the last minute. Karen and Frank shared their first romantic kiss. Coming: Eve is stricken with a serious illness.

Young and Restless: Diane listened to Michael's warnings about Victor and Leanna, and announced that she's decided to leave town. Jack peeked into a Newman Enterprises folder while Phyllis was in the shower, and Jill encouraged him to do more spying. Brittany was furious at learning she had been given the same ring that Billy gave Mac. Billy insisted that Brittany comes first, and they ended up making love. Matt flipped when he found out that the ecstasy they bought could be tainted, realizing it could be traced to him. At the rave, Jordan began to get sick from the drugs. A distracted Matt hung up on Tricia when she called, upset about seeing her father. Coming: Things get worse at the rave.