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An aura of controversy and illegitimacy hovers over Washington. George W. Bush should not be occupying the White House. He was not fairly elected to the presidency.

Bush has no popular mandate, but he is acting as if he does. What should we expect from this ultra-conservative president? We can expect an administration extremely hospitable to unfettered capitalism. His bipartisan, unifying rhetoric is nonsense. His "compassion" is primarily for those capable of helping themselves.

Unhampered business activity and conservative reforms -- not social justice, national health insurance, authentic education reform, environmental protection, gun control, progressive taxation, abortion rights and disarmament -- will unfortunately dominate Bush's agenda. His future nominations to the Supreme Court will also reflect his conservative proclivities and lack of vision.

Bush's commitment to contravening the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty also is inimical to international law, and his resulting missile defense system will probably escalate the arms race.

Progressives should resist his every invalid move to the right and oppose it with a progressive alternative. This will force Bush to accept a more moderate approach.



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