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Today's world is a fast-changing, high-tech environment as compared to 30 years ago. Our president and both political parties have stated that improving our education system is their top priority. Now is the time to plan a revolutionary program to meet the needs of business and the real world.

We have been telling our youth for the past few years that they can expect to have two or three careers in their lifetime. If so, then our schools must "practice what they preach." Teachers should be expected to have multicareers between the business world and schools. What better way to relate to youth the needs of the real world?

Also, the business world would then have some say in what and how things are taught. The teachers and school boards would not have a monopoly, and competition would be introduced with a better end product in our students.

I personally wrote to the Amherst School Board a few years ago, offering my time in any capacity it wished. I got no reply. It seems as if the schools don't want our help or suggestions, just our money. Money is not the answer. The answer is what the business and private world are doing - higher efficiency and better product at a reduced cost.



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