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"He's Not All That: The Way to Attract Good Guys" By Gilda Carle

Cliff Street Books


If you're like most teenage girls, all you want is an intelligent, honest, faithful, supportive boyfriend. That's not asking for too much, right?

Well, we females don't think so, and that's including Dr. Gilda Carle, author of "He's Not All That: The Way to Attract Good Guys." She has found the way to get a guy with all these qualities and more.

If you've had problems finding a good guy, your self-esteem needs a big boost, or you're in a relationship that isn't working, this book is a must-read. "He's Not All That" includes quizzes such as the "Confidence Quotient," which tells you how high your self-esteem is.

"He's Not All That" also has "Gilda Grams," statements sprinkled throughout that are sometimes humorous but should be taken seriously. My favorite "A guy is like a good bra, he supports you."

The book is mostly composed of letters written by women of all ages, and even a few men, asking Carle for advice about relationships. Some letters are outright ridiculous. You'd think people would know how to solve a basic problem like what to do when a guy you're crushing on doesn't even look your way. But apparently lots of teens in serious need of love tips turn to Carle.

"He's Not All That" covers such topics important to teens as:

How to understand a guy

Why playing hard to get isn't always the way to go

What to do when your parents don't like your boyfriend

Why having one steady boyfriend is damaging to a girl's healthy development

Teens might question how an adult can know so much about our problems. Carle thinks dating problems start when you are a teen and turn into bad habits when you become an adult. Some of the love matters teens face are the same ones adults face. I know it seems strange that someone 35 can have the same problems as a 15-year-old, but it's true and is proven in this book.

This is more about self-improvement than about getting a guy. Carle feels that your self-worth is more important than anything. This book will give you a different attitude when it comes to guys. You will understand that you don't need a guy, but guys need you.

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