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I am deeply concerned about the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rulemaking regarding highway-use motorcycles.

The EPA has grouped motorcycles with off-road recreational motorcycles, nonroad use engines and marine engines. I support various environmental groups, and am also a longtime motorcycle enthusiast.

Highway-use motorcycles are already regulated by the EPA, while all other categories in this proposal are not. To impose exhaust regulations on these other forms may be appropriate. But I oppose motorcycles being grouped in with these vehicles.

The current regulations were imposed on street bikes 20 years ago. Motorcycles are inherently fuel efficient and are of four-stroke design, which results in lower exhaust emissions than two-stroke engines, which comprise a large portion of the other engines covered in the proposal.

Street bikes comprise less than half of 1 percent of all vehicle miles traveled, according to 1999 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics. They emit much less pollution than all of the cars and trucks that make up the other 99.5 percent of vehicle miles, and their inherent weight and design help achieve this.

Promoting fuel efficiency is advantageous for our nation. Motorcycles reduce traffic volume, save parking space and have much less wear and tear on our infrastructure than automobiles. The additional restrictions proposed would be cumbersome, costly and ineffective.

Lake View

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