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Dear Mr. Donahoe:

Welcome to Buffalo sports. I was very disappointed when Mr. Butler was let go but I am happy that it is you who replaced him.

Before you get embroiled in Buffalo sports politics, could you please do the fans of the Buffalo Bills a favor? Please tell us what was wrong with the Bills' offense last season. Was it Coach Pendry's inept game plans, Coach Mauck's inability to coach the offensive line, the offensive line itself because of a lack of talent, or Rob Johnson's inability to play quarterback?

After viewing the last game of the season I am forming my own opinion. I ask myself, just how many quarterback sacks would I have to take before I looked at the film and listened to the coaching staff?

My conclusion? Rob Johnson doesn't appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Also, Mr. Donahoe, don't let the "media" force Doug Flutie out of Western New York. After many hours of reading between the lines and listening to many interviews, it is obvious that the "media" does not like Doug Flutie. It's personal -- it has nothing to do with his age, size, or ability. And if my feelings are true, then the "media" should be ashamed for negatively affecting the success of the Buffalo Bills franchise.

One piece of advice, Mr. Donahoe. In dealing with the "media," wear a good pair of high leather boots, because the "media" is like a snake in the grass.

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