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In his recent letter to the editor, Jack Beilman argued for the dissolution of the Village of Lancaster. Beilman did not disclose that for years he had been actively involved in a now defunct village opposition party. His distortion of the facts cannot reasonably be attributed to a faulty recollection of the facts.

Beilman wrote of the "misappropriation" of $790,000. He should know full well that, as reported within a state audit, the misappropriation to which he referred was committed by the prior administration of his now defunct party. The "misappropriation" related to the transfer of funds secured through a capital projects bond. Because of neglect by the prior administration, the village water system was allowed to physically and financially deteriorate.

The $790,000 was transferred by the prior administration to the water fund to compensate for years of lost water. Through our progressive and aggressive remedy of the water system, which Beilman at the time publicly opposed, the water fund is now reconstructed and self-supporting. We are currently negotiating the transfer of the water system to the Erie County Water Authority. This will save village residents substantial amounts in reduced water bills.

Our administration - together with County Executive Joel Giambra, State Sen. Dale Volker, County Legislator Dale Larson and Town Supervisor Bob Giza - has done much to consolidate government services within the village. It is through these consolidation efforts by individuals truly committed to a better Lancaster that government services, to which village residents are entitled, will be preserved and efficiently provided.


Mayor, Village of Lancaster

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