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A $2.5 million auto dealership planned for Alvin Road on Grand Island cleared a major hurdle this week.

The Grand Island Town Board voted to change the zoning on a 24-acre parcel at 2000 Alvin from residential to commercial, paving the way for a Fuccillo Chevrolet dealership.

Fuccillo officials agreed to limit truck traffic on the road -- and pay for any damage caused by their trucks -- and to replace the wetlands they're paving over, with new wetlands.

No Town Board members commented on the project before Monday's vote, but two residents complained afterward that Fuccillo's construction will cause expensive-to-repair damage to Alvin Road.

A lawyer for Fuccillo, Robert S. Scalione of Syracuse, said the project will add jobs and spur further development near the new dealership.

The 28,000-square-foot dealership will replace the Fuccillo Chevrolet at 2549 Whitehaven Road, increasing employment there to 40 workers from 28, Scalione said.

"We believe this project will have some enhanced qualities for the town," he said.

Fuccillo is extending water lines to the southwest corner of its Alvin property, Scalione said, opening up part of the road to new businesses.

Supervisor Peter A. McMahon said the town intends to rezone that entire stretch of Alvin for commercial development.

Scalione and Town Attorney Peter C. Godfrey negotiated agreements to allay environmental and traffic concerns.

Fuccillo's contractors and subcontractors will be allowed to violate the 5-ton weight limit on Alvin during construction.

However, the dealership has agreed to be responsible for any damage to the road caused by construction vehicles and has posted a $150,000 bond to pay for any repairs.

Despite assurances from Godfrey, resident Frank Calabro said he doesn't believe $150,000 will be enough to repair Alvin. Calabro's father owns the building housing the current Fuccillo dealership.

When the dealership opens, Fuccillo will unload cars from its transports off-site and drive the cars to the Alvin dealership one at a time to respect the 5-ton limit.

An Army Corps of Engineers study found Fuccillo is disturbing 1.7 acres of wetlands with its new dealership.

Fuccillo will preserve or restore about 5 acres of wetlands on the property as compensation, Scalione said.

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