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Who said blood is thicker than water? Especially beautiful gulf waters?

Just three days after his brother's inauguration as president of the United States, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush strongly informed the new administration that he opposes offshore oil and gas drilling in Florida's gulf waters.

George W. Bush has indicated he wants to increase the exploration for energy in the United States and, as an observer for the Florida Public Interest Research Group notes, "has surrounded himself with the most pro-drilling Cabinet in history."

The federal government has the say-so on the sale or lease of about 6 million acres of waters south of Alabama near the Florida line. . . .

In a letter to the Interior department . . . Jeb Bush wrote, "Florida's economy is based upon tourism and other activities that depend on a clean and healthy environment. I respectfully request that you uphold Florida's ongoing commitment to protecting the Gulf of Mexico's marine environment. . . ."

Jeb Bush deserves great credit and much public support for his strong stand against offshore oil drilling. . . . Now, President Bush needs to listen to his brother the governor.

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