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With all of the dialogue about development in Niagara Falls, I have yet to hear any suggestions as to what can be done to improve the city. I would like to put forth a suggestion that would go a long way in remedying some of the tourism issues.

As an aficionado of Frank Lloyd Wright, I -- along with millions of others -- have driven to Mill Run, Pa., to tour a quaint little country home built for the Edgar Kaufmann family. Kaufmann owned a parcel of land along Bear Run Creek, and picniced near a 15-foot waterfall. When he commissioned Wright, Kaufmann requested a home with a majestic view of the waterfall.

Wright gave the family so much more. He incorporated the waterfall into the design of the home. The rock where the family once picniced was now the dining room floor. The home itself cantilevered off some nearby rocks as if to float above the falls.

From its very inception, Fallingwater became an engineering and aesthetic marvel that has never been equaled.

I would like to see Niagara Falls hire a truly great modern architect to design and build a complex of hotels and a convention center on Goat Island and canti-levered out over the American Falls. It certainly would not be cheap, but then, neither was Fallingwater.

I'm sure there will be environmentalists who will decry any attempt to change what nature has created. To them, I can only respond by asking: When they look at a masterpiece like Fallingwater, can they honestly say that it detracts from the natural element?

I would venture that the majority of Americans would say that it does not.



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