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Writing to you from Canada, let me say we are very qualified to talk about your quarterback situation. Year after year we have watched Doug Flutie snatch victory from defeat in the Canadian Football League. Through rain and snow Flutie finds a way to win. . . . It's a shame we didn't get to watch Buffalo in the playoffs.

I am convinced had Flutie started they would have played in January. Not to mention Buffalo would have been the defending Super Bowl champions. . . . What a mistake benching the man who brought the team to the playoffs. Yes, we all remember Buffalo lost on a kick return. But that play would have been irrelevant had Flutie started.

I hope the new management realizes what it has: a winner and a great drawing card as Flutie is the everyday working person's champion and the main reason people are talking about the Bills in Buffalo and all over the USA and Canada.

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