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When is the sports section going to come to their senses and stop printing the names of people who bowl a 250-650 or better?

If you averaged 180 pins 20 years ago you were considered a better than average bowler. Nowadays, if you don't carry a 210 average or higher you should probably think about going out on your bowling night and cheating on your wife or husband instead of them just thinking that's what you're doing.

Does anyone realize that if you spend $100 on a decent bowling ball, combine that with the ability to walk up to the foul line (much harder for most in the third game after six pitchers of draft) you too can get your name in the paper? Maybe golf courses should create 250-yard par-4s so that hackers can imagine they also have the athletic ability to play golf as well as be a 185-average bowler.

I do want to send out my apologies to the quality bowlers of Western New York whose game has been taken from them by money hungry proprietors who don't care what type of bowlers buy their draft beer. (Put out a shot and they will come.)

P.S. (To the average bowler): Try to find out who the guy is that oiled the lanes you bowl on and buy HIM a drink. He's the guy who enables you to cut your bowling score out of the paper, walk to the refrigerator -- as you stick your chest out -- and proudly display it for all to enjoy. "Good Going Pops!!!"
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