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To The News' credit, Lauri Githens cites the 4 a.m. closing hour for bars, and consequent drunken driving, as one of the worst things about Western New York in the Sept. 23 story "A love/hate affair."

Unfortunately, that concern fails to convince, buried as it is amid several other choices. Among the best features of living here, she cites: grabbing a beer downtown on Thursdays, having a night of cocktails and curling up in Abe Lincoln's lap, brews at cookouts, "walls" of beer sold in grocery stores, downing $7 to $8 pitchers of draft with one's parish priest, beach bars and gourmet liquor and wine shopping at Premier's two locations. She also ranks the dumping of 12,000 gallons of beer on Aug. 25, 1998, as the third-worst day in Buffalo history.

As coordinator of public education for the Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, I believe it's an odd sort of civic boosterism, and a disservice to our children, to perpetuate the shabby myth that life in Buffalo, or life anywhere, is endurable only in an alcohol-generated haze.



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