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John Lennon said it was inspired by an acid trip, critics hailed it as a masterpiece, and fans were often left scratching their heads. "I am the Walrus" was nothing if not enigmatic.

One page of Lennon's handwritten lyrics for the whimsical work is to be auctioned at Christie's in London today and is expected to fetch more than $115,300.

The 20 lines in black ink are speckled with corrections and deletions and differ somewhat from the final version. With obscure lines like "Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come," the song provided rich pickings for critics seeking a glimpse into the murdered Beatle's mind.

The song fed a bizarre rumor in the '60s that Lennon's fellow Beatle Paul McCartney had been killed in an accident -- at least that's how some people interpreted the lines "stupid bloody Tuesday" and "waiting for the van to come."

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