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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) -- What seemed at first like an uplifting tale of a baby surviving more than a 120-foot fall has taken on more sinister overtones with a criminal investigation into whether the girl slipped from her mother's grasp or was purposely dropped.

The 18-month-old girl, who suffered only minor injuries in the Sept. 22 plunge, was with relatives Tuesday as police investigate mother Nadia Hama's contention that she accidentally lost her grip on the child while walking on a suspension bridge.

No charges have been filed, and Hama, 38, has denied any wrongdoing. The baby, Kaya, and Hama's 5-year-old son have been taken out of her direct care by provincial authorities.

The girl's fall apparently was broken by soft tree limbs. Hama was questioned by police for nearly 24 hours, and authorities released two pictures taken by a tourist. In one, Hama is seen clutching Kaya. In the other, her arm is slightly extended, and the baby is gone. Documents then emerged outlining a bitter legal battle between Hama and her estranged husband, Kjeld Werbes. In one, Hama complained she was having difficulty caring for Kaya, who suffers from mild Down syndrome.

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