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Mattel is not toying around with what it sees as a threat to Barbie, its billion-dollar doll and a favorite of many children for 40 years.

The toy maker filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Internet Dimensions, the company that sponsors the Web site, which promises a free live chat "with our sexy girls."

The Internet location prominently features the words "Barbie's" and "Barbie's Play Pen," infringing on the trademarks of a toy that generates more than $1.6 billion in annual sales worldwide, according to the suit.

Mattel said the words and images in the site may confuse readers into thinking that the toy company somehow is condoning or sponsoring the site.

The lawsuit seeks to block the company from using the Barbie trademarks. It also seeks any profits from the site as well as damages to the Mattel business and the cost of the lawsuit.

The site features a woman in a tie, stockings and a black top hat beneath the words, "Barbie's Playpen," promising "hot sexual party games, free live sex feeds and 1,000 plus video feeds," according to the lawsuit.

Mattel said in its lawsuit that the Web site is toying with an image it had crafted carefully since Ruth Handler, the company's co-founder, created the Barbie doll in 1959. She named it after her daughter, Barbara.

Mattel said the company was based in Las Vegas, no phone was listed there for it.

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