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Imagine being separated at 17 from your parents and sisters. Imagine being brutally assaulted by soldiers and then treated as a spy. Imagine having the courage to risk your life to protect 12 Jews in the basement of a house in Nazi Germany under the nose of a German officer.

That's the thrilling true story told in "In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer" (Random House, $18) by Irene Gut (Gutowna) Opdyke, a Polish Catholic whose courage never wavered as she hid food under the fence around the Jewish ghetto, smuggled fugitives in a wagon to safety in the forest, and finally, made a home for a dozen people in the basement of a German officer's villa during World War II.

Gutowna's example is an inspiration to all of us to do the right thing, a reminder that one person can make a difference.

-- Jean Westmoore


You've heard it's a free country? You're stuck at home, working a slave-wages job, still chained to the reality of what you call a social life. Yeah, that's freedom. But now, thanks to Tommy Hilfiger, you can at least smell like Freedom.

Tommy's new Freedom fragrances are designed for -- and we're not making this up -- people who "live life with imagination, exuberance and spontaneity," people who are "hip without being pretentious and edgy yet sophisticated." In short: "Anyone who sees life as an adventure and is determined not to miss any part of it."

Between you and me, we prefer scents made for "lazy, listless, lethargic lumps" who are "nerdy without being nasty." In short: "Anyone who sees life as a pile of trash and is determined to miss every part of it." We haven't found that scent. But if you think you'll find Freedom in Tommy's designer bottles, be our guest and shell out between $14 for a tease and $55 for enough cologne to bathe in. His and hers bottles are available at fine fragrance shops.


Are you an artist, and do you love KoRn? Then this contest is for you. But you'll have to hurry!

Simply come up with an album cover design for KoRn's new Immortal/Epic release (it must be in a square format) and send it to MTV's KoRn Cover Contest, c/o Epic Records, 2100 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. 90404, by Oct. 4. The winner gets $10,000, will get to host an album signing in his or her hometown and appear with KoRn during "MTV's Spankin' New Music Week," which airs Nov. 1 to 5.


Looking for something cool to dress up your bedroom? Stop slicing and dicing your Seventeens and go on the Web to

The site calls itself the Internet's largest print art and poster shop, and who are we to argue? You'll find hundreds of posters in every conceivable artistic category -- from abstract impressionism to realism, modern to classic -- along with images dedicated to sports, food, cityscapes and lots of other themes. And if you have the bucks, they'll transfer your print to canvas and even add real paint to give it texture.

Now there's no reason your room has to look like everyone else's.

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