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Finally, Celine came to Buffalo!

After the postponement of her first concert, Celine Dion, one of pop's reigning divas, brought "the voice" to Marine Midland Arena last week for an anxious sold-out crowd.

She opened the show with "Let's Talk About Love," the title cut from her multiplatinum CD. She was dressed in a tight white jumpsuit, decorated with silver sequins, which made her stand out from her musicians and backup singers, who were all wearing black. Some local flavor was added when the School of Performing Arts children's choir was brought on stage to help Dion sing the chorus to the opening number.

Dion sang for two hours, performing one hit after another, her distinctive voice in top form.

She seemed genuinely surprised when her rendition of "The Power of Love" brought the crowd to its feet.

In between songs she added humor, joking about the rumors of her being anorexic. "I like to eat," she declared. She received many gifts Cannot distribute vertically and flowers from her fans and spoke about her husband's bout with cancer, which was the main reason for the five-month postponement of her show here.

Dion closed the show with "My Heart Will Go On," the love theme from "Titanic." She rose from the center of the stage in a strapless pink gown. A replica of the ship's railing was added, and Celine stood with her hair and gown flowing just like the music video. The crowd wanted and expected the performance of the mega-hit, and needed no more.

Corey Hart, who has written several songs for Dion, opened the show. He did his job in getting the crowd ready for the main attraction, but looked too old to be performing in leather pants.

I am not a big Celine Dion fan, but I have come to appreciate her music and talent. There is nothing more you can say about her performance except that it was excellent. It was enjoyable to see an artist at the top of her career.

Sara Gorlewski is a sophomore at Orchard Park High School.

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