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I can relate to Tucker Reddington's letter in the Sept. 19 issue of the News concerning parking on the UB campus. I drove my family to the UB-Akron opening night football game on Sept. 11. Since my son has a broken foot, we left late on purpose, arriving just after kickoff, to avoid the crowd entering the stadium.

Although the traffic had subsided, I was denied access to the road approaching the stadium by a University public safety officer, who was positioned about 3/4 mile from the stadium, blocking the road. I only wanted to drop my family off in front of the stadium, then park where I could find a space and walk to the stadium. Too bad the officer did not have the heart to wave us by.

We found a place to park near the student union and my son hiked a half a mile or so on crutches to the game. As we were walking up the entrance ramp to the main level, I noticed all the campus police cars driving in, leaving their posts. Had we arrived a little later, I imagine we could have driven straight to the stadium.

If President Greiner is serious about public acceptance and support of the I-A football program at UB, he needs to do whatever he can to improve parking an access to the stadium. I am a loyal UB alum who has supported alumni and sports programs at the University for well over a decade. I think we all deserve better treatment than this.

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