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These real estate transactions are listed in the records of the Niagara County Clerk. In most cases, the address and the exact price of the property are not given. Amounts listed below are calculated by the amount of real estate transfer tax paid. The actual price of the property may be up to $500 less.


Property on Ridge Road sold by Richard H. Beyer of Lockport to Beyer's, LLC of Lockport, $169,000, Sept. 16.

Property at 156 John St. sold by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Leonard S. Wronski of Appleton, $22,000, Sept. 13.

Property at Subdivision lot 212 on the west side of Continental Drive sold by Steven L. and Lucille J. Johnson of Lockport to Rodney J. Brown of Warwick, R.I., $125,000, Sept. 13.

Property at 6896 East High St. sold by Walter J. Robinson of Attica to United Companies Landing Corporation of Baton Rouge, La., $113,500, Sept. 14.

Property at 121 West Ave. sold by Ocwen Federal Bank a/k/a Berkeley Federal Bank and Trust of West Palm Beach, Fl. to Katherine Bruckner of Gasport, $13,500, Sept. 14.

Seven parcels of property on Ohio Street sold by Occidental Chemical Corporation of Dallas to SCR Partnership of Wilson, $150,000, Sept. 15.

Property on the west side of Florida Street sold by CMX Warehousing, Inc. of Niagara Falls to Armand Cerrone of Youngstown, $50,000, Sept. 14.

Property at the corner of Lockport Avenue and Panama Street sold by William J. McDermott of Niagara Falls to Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. of Niagara Falls, $17,000, Sept. 16.

Property on Stenzil Street sold by P and R Property of Williamsville to Jerry P. and Phyliss DiGiacomo of Cheektowaga, $405,000, Sept. 15.

Property at Subdivision lot 151 in Ridgeview Heights Subdivision sold by Ronald J. Morosey, Jr. and Colleen D. Morosey of Pendleton to Martin T. and Christine B. Jeffery of Williamsville, $249,500, Sept. 16.

Property at Subdivision lot 201 in Youngstown Estates sold by Alan and Heather Sloan of Porter to Steven A. and Bernadette Braver of Reno, Nevada, $160,000, Sept. 15.

Property at Subdivision lot 8 on the east side of Lenmart Drive sold by J.G.H. Development Company, LLC of East Amherst to NVR, Inc. of West Seneca, $22,500, Sept. 16.

Property at Subdivision lot 150 on the north side of Spice Creek sold by Prestige Designs Corp. of Williamsville to Richard and Celina M. Vitovitch of Sloan, $165,500, Sept. 16.

Property at Subdivision lot 41 on Thornwoods Drive sold by G.T. Custom Built Homes, Inc. of North Tonawanda to Daniel P. and Kathleen M. Wolf of Tonawanda, $157,000, Sept. 16.

Parcel on the west side of Witmer Road sold by Michael Wachowicz of North Tonawanda to Alfred W. and Genevieve C. Wachowicz of North Tonawanda, $75,000, Sept. 8.

Lot on New Road sold by Geofferey C. Zielinski of Kenmore to Paul M. Jr. and Nichole B. Feathers of Youngstown, $81,000, Sept. 9.

Lot on Wilson-Cambria Road sold by Richard W. and Karen L. Bohn of Akron, N.Y., to Gerald A. and Darlene J. Farnham of Ransomville, $80,000, Sept. 3.

Property at Subdivision lots 16 and 17 on the east side of East Galewood Drive sold by Jeffrey R. and Catherine M. Dinse of Wilson to Lawrence B. and Rebecca M. Frauen of Tulsa, Ok., $215,000, Sept. 14.

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