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It is a sad commentary on the state of Catholic action that "Late-Nite Catechism," a so-called "interactive comedy" ostensibly about extremist nuns in Catholic classrooms of old, played for nearly a month at Shea's this August with practically no opposition.

A close look at the show revealed that rather than just a playful look back at archaic Catholic education, it is a sinister assault on the doctrines and dogmas of the Catholic faith. It is "Late-Nite Catholic Bashing," and should be offensive to all Christians.

Why would The Buffalo News and others in the community sponsor a play that is more than anything an observation that Catholicism is absurd? Would they sponsor a stage presentation that mocks and ridicules Judaism or Islam?

Imagine Jews happily interacting with an actor who, dressed as a rabbi, hands out Star of David charms that glow in the dark. How hard would they laugh at the desecration of sacred rituals and ceremonies? How many Muslims would purchase tickets in advance for the opportunity to guffaw at mockery of the teachings of Mohammed?

If "late-nite" was the fruit of a liberating progress in catechesis, give me that "ole-time" catechism.

Grand Island

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