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FORCES OF NATURE PG-13, 1999, 106 minutes, Dreamworks. Transportation snafus force Ben Affleck to find alternative ways to make his Affleck to find alternative ways to make his Georgia wedding on time. When he teams with new- found travel partner Sandra Bullock, he finds his nuptial intentions in danger of derailment, too. The movie, directed by Bronwen Hughes from Marc Lawrence's screenplay, has flickerings of origi nality, but not enough to raise this romantic caper to memorable heights. Both performers are personable and occasionally amusing, but not particularly explosive. Ultimately, "Forces of Nature" is more of a cute lull than a passionate storm. Contains sexual situa tions. --Desson Howe/Washington Post

THE MATRIX, R, 1999 135 minutes, Warner.

Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano. A cyberpunk "Alice in Wonderland" where the rabbit hole is a coaxial cable plugged into your cerebral cortex, this whirlwind futuristic thriller stars Reeves as a computer hacker caught in a conspiracy of warring realities. The martial-arts action, inspired by crazy-beautiful Hong Kong pics, is awesome.
--Christopher Cornell/Knight Ridder
THE OUT-OF-TOWNERS PG-13, 1999, 91 minutes, Paramount.

Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn star as Midwestern tourists on a calamitous night in New York City in this remake of the 1970 Neil Simon-scripted comedy. It's old-fashioned fluffball stuff, and the Big Apple of the late '90s is a lot less menacing than it was in the original, but the stars display an easy, appealing rapport.
--Christopher Cornell/Knight Ridder
RAVENOUS, R, 1999, 100 minutes, Fox.

Starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle and David Arquette. Grisly comedy about cannibalism in the Old West guaranteed to spoil your appetite. At its best when dishing out its own horrifying brand of comedy, the film unfortunately is beset by several frighteningly dull stretches during which it abandons comedy to take a more serious look at the topic. Rated R (violence and gore). DVD available.
--Christopher Cornell/Knight Ridder
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, PG, 1999, 94 minutes, Disney.

Starring Jeff Daniels, Christopher Lloyd, Daryl Hannah, Elizabeth Hurley. One possible explanation for this so-bad-it's-unwatchable picture is that moviemakers are from Mars and moviegoers are from Venus. Not since "Howard the Duck" has a comedy tried so desperately hard for so pitifully few laughs.
--Christopher Cornell/Knight Ridder
1. The Waterboy (Buena Vista)
2. There's Something About Mary (Fox)
3. Liar Liar (Universal)
4. Bulletproof (Universal)
5. Dante's Peak (Universal)
1. Analyze This (Warner)
2. Payback (Paramount)
3. Message in a Bottle (Warner)
4. Cruel Intentions (Columbia)
5. 8mm (Columbia)

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