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I was saddened to read in the Sept. 5 News about the proposals in Holland to allow 12-year-old children to choose euthanasia for themselves even when their parents are opposed. For those who believe in God and His law, euthanasia is the final act of rebellion against God. It is arrogating to oneself what belongs only to God -- supreme dominion over life and death.

People in painful, terminal illnesses have a final opportunity to give meaning and value even to what might have been a selfish and wasted life until that time. By humbly accepting illness and death, one can find peace and fulfillment -- strange as that may seem.

To advise persons in the sufferings of terminal illness to hasten their death by drugs or lethal injections is not mercy but thoughtless cruelty. Well-borne suffering is purifying and ennobling. It is a valuable part of life.

Mother Teresa and her nuns in Calcutta comforted the poor who were dying and showed them true love, and thus made them realize their true dignity. Thereafter, many died without fear and with a spirit of joy.

Advocates of euthanasia claim to assist the dying by killing them. This is a contradiction. Modern medicine has many ways of controlling pain, and these can be used. But never is it the lawful solution to kill the sick person.


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