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Here's a wish that you did it better than we did in our '99.

Daniel A. Botzko

My wise advice for the future humans is simply that the greatest title is Mom or Dad, especially seeing your teen-age child's face when you tell them you love them for the first time in a long time.

What life lessons can you pass on? Since I have passed on, maybe it is a lack-of-life lesson -- that life is short and death is long, so explore all the beauty and knowledge that life has to give.

Gary D. Guenther

By now I hope that you've gotten over the "copycat" syndrome -- that's the one that prevents Buffalo from thinking up any unique ways of improving our area. Remember: Just because it works "there" doesn't mean it's right for us! (Here's a thought: How about an enclosed, temperature-controlled year-round beach? They'd never laugh at our snow again.)

On human relations: Face it -- people are different, but maybe you can reach a point where people can actually lay their cards on the table and express their thoughts in a non-threatening environment. How else can you ever really know what people are thinking, or ever hope they'll change?

Melissa Cumming

As we in Erie County get ready to bid goodbye to the year 1999, we sincerely hope that you don't have the dubious distinction of living in the highest-taxed county in these United States of America.

If the county is still the highest-taxed, then there has not been very much progress in the past century.

Edward F. Bartz

I hope you have learned to co-exist peaceably with each other and all animals. Vegetarians should be the majority.

My advice is, love one another and really enjoy life. Wild dolphins know how. Take a lesson from them.

Barb McCarthy

Take better care of the world you're in -- air, water, forest, trees -- the whole environment -- the animal kingdom. It's their world, too. Try to better yourself. Give a helping hand where needed. Take the extra step up -- you will be glad you did.

Ann Jansen

Throughout your life you will encounter many challenges. To get to your hopes and dreams you must persevere. Perseverance never stops trying and doing the things it must. For it builds character and integrity and also a fulfilled life.

The knowledge and wisdom of life, though, can only be found in the studies of one book. All the answers to every question you'll ever have will be there. This book, the Bible, God's word, his gospel, is truth, peace, joy and healing for hurting people.

Michelle J. Vitale

Education is the key to success, so don't settle for less. Strive for the best in all that you do. Make sure you have God as the head of your life. Learn how to love one another and stop the fights, but instead make peace and unite and the future will be better for you and your children one day.

Jennie Isome

People will always be quick to condemn, but slow to commend; criticize you when you are wrong, yet fail to reward you when you are right. Consider the consequences of your actions for the future. The world tomorrow is based on the events of today.

Steve J. Forsey

North Tonawanda
Whoever or whatever is part of the problem is also part of the solution, and you will bring about a solution through that which is the ultimate cause of the problem. It takes a lifetime to find your way, it takes one second to lose it.

James S. Forsey

North Tonawanda
Our pollution of waters, lands and the heavens has destroyed so much of this once perfect Earth that I thought perhaps there wouldn't be a future world. I hope you future citizens will have more good sense than we had, to preserve it. Maybe you can remedy what we have started to destroy, and save this planet for future generations. I am so very sorry to leave you this legacy!

Ruth Nowak

Niagara Falls
Keep God first and foremost in your life. Love your family. Teach your children responsibility and compassion for others. Be charitable toward all people. Live each day as if it is your last. Smile, be joyful, love, dance!

Marie and Wally Brewer

Our city has survived much, often because of the good-hearted nature of its residents. Don't lose sight of this; it's a keystone for your future. Buildings and bridges don't make a city great: It's the people.

Beyond that, never stop reaching for the stars so long as you remember the beauty and value of what's right below your feet.

Patricia Telesco

Be considerate. Hold open the door for the person who follows you. Smile. Don't purchase your own self-worth at the expense of others. As a teacher, I've seen too many hearts broken and too much self-esteem shattered by being bullied.

Elect to office people who are competent and interested in achieving a common good, rather than those who are concerned only with representing a narrow faction.

Take the time and effort to know your neighbor. Don't be dismissive of someone just because he/she is different from yourself. It's the differences that have made our country great.

Support public education. It is through education that good citizens are formed.

Hallie Morrison Block

When will people learn to have compassion for each other? When will they again be neighborly? When will people finally realize that peace is the "in" thing? Perhaps the 21st century will bring this about. Many years ago an unknown author wrote the following, and it is just as true today and all the tomorrows as it was then:

You are building up or tearing down/In things you say and do:/Are you on the construction team/Or with the wrecking crew?

Dan Jacobs

By the time you read this, Buffalo is either a large, progressive city or a ghost town. It will either have employed some people with foresight to change its destiny or remain the "armpit of the East."

I hope this letter finds Buffalo to be a growing, dynamic, upscale city, one that is proud of its past and forging into the future.

Edward J. Ruszala

Our world today is confusing, complicated and filled with dangerous choices. Children respond to the world around them. It is my hope that by the time you read these words, you world will be a safer one for your children, that through our mistakes you will have learned how to accomplish this.

Cindy A. Demmin

North Tonawanda
Think before you jump, save money if possible, and grow old like me. You're only passing through. It's like reading a book -- catch a few pointers from the first page to the end. You might learn something as you go through from page to page.

Eleanor Bastedo

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Carol Hess