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Graham Nash relied on the memory of a Hawaiian sunset to block out the pain of two broken legs and a broken ankle suffered in a boating accident off Kauai.

The musician, his wife, Susan, and son Will, 19, were aboard a friend's boat on Sept. 12 when a "freak" wave sent Nash into the air. As he was coming down, the boat was pushed up by another wave.

"I heard my leg snap. I felt it break in half," Nash, 57, said Saturday from his home on Kauai's north shore. "I have to say it was an amazing sound."

The member of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young said he refused to think about the pain during the two hours it took to get him to a hospital.

"I just decided to ignore everything below my waist, block it out," he said. "In my mind I saw that glorious sunset from a visit here two months ago with my friends."

When Nash arrived at the hospital, the doctor told him he wanted to insert pins into his legs and a plate into his ankle.

"I looked into the man's eyes and I told him, 'I trust you completely. Rock on,'" said Nash, who may need a wheelchair for the next three months.

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