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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Sept. 10, 1999.
V/L Two Rod Rd., Robert Dabb, Patricia Dabb to Alden State Bank, $22,044.

V/L Peters Corners Rd., Robert Schlossin, Robert Hill to Darren Martin, $21,000.

1710 Maple Rd., Raquel Kubiak to Mark Barnes, Wanda Barnes, $145,000.

4755 Chestnut Ridge Rd., #2, Caroline Berger to Cynthia Miller, $72,000.

21 Hitching Post Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Frank Williams, Mary Williams, $126,800.

120 Pearce Ave., Raymond Kruzicki to Mary Arundell, $67,500.

567 Capen Blvd., Gayle Traynor, Daniel Traynor to Brenda Stubblefield, $74,200.

64 Acacia Dr., Joyce Wright to Lewis Bernstein, Jill Bernstein, $114,500.

22 South Parrish Drive, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Kathleen Cullen, $167,047.

13 San Jose Ct., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Michael Hillery, Kelly Hillery, $219,980.

127 Bywater, David Corp, Marcia Corp. to Karen Adams, $141,100.

51 N Long St., Sean Green, Lisa Green to Jane Pelto-Miranda, $104,000.

15 Hillcrest Dr., Donald Ziemann to Barbara Ziemann, $70,000.

33 Belmore Ct., Sblc Development Corp. to Thomas Draksic, $229,600.

245 Ransom Oaks Dr., William Foster, Ernestine Foster to Lindsey Williams, Jenene Williams, $146,500.

6930 Transit Rd., 2440 Associates to John Basil, $11,410.

6878 Transit Rd., 2440 Associates to John Basil, $11,410.

6878 Transit Rd., John Basil to 6888 Transit Llc, $85,000.

12 Millrace North, Brenda Kinzly to Dennis Griffin, $160,000.

121 North Fores Rd., George Eckert, Joanne Eckert to Frank Stradder, $70,000.

82 Burbank, Delia Allen to Maria Greco, $95,000.

63&95 Azure Pine Court, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $56,000.

1693 Eggert Rd., Christopher Trojan, Ihor Trojan to Kyle Jackson, Karen Flash, $64,000.

30 Addison Ave., Virginia Nigro to Shanon Dean, $64,900.

168 Margaret Road, Daniel Cannon to Elmer Soprano, Dolly Soprano, $68,000.

4 Culpepper, Madeline Hanaka, Madeline Hanaka to Vincenzo Piraino, Angelina Piraino, $65,000.

6636 Main St., North Forest Development of Amherst Inc. to Millennium Properties, $326,079.

84 Gina Meadows, Elmer Kirst, Elvira Kirst to Kenneth Bremer, Nancylee Bremer, $147,500.

403 Willow Green Drive, George Taylor, Barbara Taylor to Michael Jarka, Nadine Logel, $89,000.

113 Autumn Meadows Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Thomas Kulikowski, Michelle Kulikowski, $165,635.

314 Forest Edge, Joann Herrmann, Joann Herrman to Marcia Wells, $117,000.

106 Ranch Trail, Gary Strong, Tena Strong to William Socie, Diane Socie, $102,000.

183 Culpepper Rd., Christopher Horning, Shannon Horning to Gary Tuskes, Holly Tuskes, $113,900.

47 Wynngate Lane, Ronald Levy, Ronald Levy to Michael Lewis, Annette Lewis, $144,000.

689 Paradise Rd., James Boyle to William Brady, Nancy Brady, $136,500.

31 Paine St., Teresa Wilkolaski to Keith Cottet, Mary Cottet, $139,000.

675 E Fillmore Ave., Russell Schmidt, Theresa Schmidt to James Deperno, $52,900.

353 South Park Ave., Phyllis Piotrowski, Donald Piotrowski to Gayle Traynor, $122,500.

156 Stoneridge Ct., Lou Wilhelm, Michael Delaney to Michael Gish, Jill Gish, $160,000.

1062 Davis Rd., Paul Joanne Evans to Fred Darstein, Lisa Darstein, $150,000.

460 Prospect Ave., Rhea Becker, Clyde Becker to Mark Becker, $60,000.

721 Porterville Rd., Gilbert Kelly, Dorothy Kelly to Thomas Pajda, Denise Pajda, $119,000.

Mill Rd., Walter Schoenfeld to Marjorie Kranz, $34,000.

1026D E Boston Cross Cr, Stephen Meyers, Mary Baker to Lorraine Anello, $50,000.

Haag Rd., Leonard Gorny, Marjorie Gorny to Edward Parysek, Martha Parysek, $6,000.

56 Wick St., Raymond Chrostowski to Pnc Mortgage Corp. of America, $35,620.

249 May St., Dorothea Mixon to HUD, $45,981.

119 Newburgh, 119 Newburgh Trust to Marcia Flood, $75,500.

172 Hedley Pl., James Mcneair to Mt Zion Church of God Holiness, $45,000.

29 Millicent, Maurice Sessum to Deon Thomas, $60,000.

260 Doat St., 260 Doat Trust to Marie Bell, $49,900.

82 Clay St., Shari Hayden-Priola to Norwest Mortgage Inc., $62,959.

481 Auburn Ave., Household Finance Realty Corp. of Ny to Beta Enterprises Inc., $17,000.

171 Nicholson, Audrey Petersen to Michael Gugino, Michele Gugino, $51,000.

452 Northumberland Ave., Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp. to Rwa Development Llc, $143,000.

315 Colvin Ave., Terryann Krawczak to Donald Carlson, Sherri Files, $94,900.

105 Chauncey St., Charles Gervasi, Jean Gervasi to Daniel Gervasi, $40,000.

74 Briggs Ave., John Mccabe to Paul Mccabe, $10,000.

19-21 15Th St., Thomas Mangione to Norwest Bank National Association Minnesota, C-Bass Abs Llc, $54,010.

123 Shirley Ave., John Pezzino to Kara Caccamise, $35,000.

289 Hudson Ave., Jovino Morales, Kishia Morales to Associates Home Equity Services Inc, Ford Consumer Finance Co. Inc., $32,628.

246 Brinkman Ave., Jovino Morales, Kishia Morales to Associates Home Equity Services Inc., Ford Consumer Finance Co. Inc., $32,625.

65 Winspear Ave., Julia Banach to Fatima Lawvere, F Lawvere, $58,000.

50 Waterfront Circle, Youngwon Kim, Alice Choy to Charles Pecorella, $163,200.

56 Capen Blvd., Melissa Marcus to Mary Hampton, $87,000.

164 Geary, Paul Benz to Joseph Cammarano, Judith Cammarano, $49,900.

559 Humboldt, Dink Carter, Leola Carter to Charles Jones, Katherine Jones, $25,000.

336 Florida St., George Dortche, Mary Dortche to Janice Ingram-Feggans, Jackie Feggans, $35,000.

102 Martha Ave., Brenda Reed, James Reed to Priscilla James, $28,500.

67 West Woodside Ave., Patricia Young to Jerome Walsh, Tracy Rozwood, $45,050.

281 Barnard Street, Philip Kloss, Philip Kloss to Stephen Dietrich, $57,000.

596 Winspear Ave., James Renfroe, Pauline Renfroe to Marion Renfroe, $65,000.

125 Winspear Ave., Jodi Aboujaoude, Jodi Aboujaoudi to Vito Galasso, Roger Leung, $47,500.

92 Weiss St., Ronald Kraska, Maryann Koszuta to Mark Nowak, $27,900.

313 Dewey Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, United States of America to Vincent Fryer, Gail Fryer, $5,300.

1041 Clinton St., Marcia Baron to Property Trust Clinton Bender Site Real, $45,000.

144 Schiller St., Richard Shull, Sharon Shull to Ronald Ziccardi, $25,000.

120 Oxford, County of Erie to Dewey Taylor, $13,000.

1634 Elmwood Ave., M&k Industries Inc. to Labrador Building Systems Inc., $55,000.

163 Wolte Ave., Richard Schunke to Citicorp Mortgage Inc., $44,067.

16 Theodore St., David Hale to Union Planters Bank Na, $43,056.

139 Newburgh Ave., Mamie Shaw to Homeside Lending Inc., $38,005.

242 Laird Ave., Keybank National Association to Slavo Draksic, Ankica Draksic, $12,000.

96 Alma Ave., Hazel Mcneill to HUD, $27,993.

299 Davey St., Eustaquio Ruiz to HUD, $66,606.

94 Dartmouth Ave., Benson Herbert, Nancy Herbert to Darrius Outling, $49,900.

1023 West Ave., Sophie Porto, Philip Porto to Kimberly Carmichael, $27,900.

1924 South Park Ave., Jeanette Roach, Jeanette Nelson to Michael Schweikowsky, Angelique Schweikowsky, $43,500.

1501 Broadway, George Gilbert to Mark Edwards, $31,200.

799 Bird Ave., Ruth Crawford to Peter Merlo, Kristin Merlo, $114,330.

359 Rhode Island St., Donald Ruehl to United States Department of Housing&urban Development, $43,171.

39 Grote, County of Erie to Uhd Federal Credit Union, $6,500.

121 Germain, County of Erie to Uhd Federal Credit Union, $9,500.

731 W Delavan, Dorothy Ress, Howard Ress to Michael Stefaniak, Rose Stefaniak, $108,000.

721 Linwood Ave., Maria Rose to Associates Consumer Discount Co. Inc., $93,800.

16 Laforce Pl., Orazio Ippolito to Joseph Vizzi, $35,000.

537 Downing St., Mary Lacomis, Joseph Lacomis to Daniel Biedenbach, $74,000.

184 Rounds Ave., HUD to Greater Faith Housing Corp, $44,900.

181 Kentucky St., Mark Higgins, Paul Higgins to Michael Mccool, $26,000.

1101 Elmwood Ave., Theresa Panaro, Tessie Panaro to Patrick Coleman, Gerald Smith, $75,000.

1 Alma Ave., Buffalo Neighborhood Revitalization Corp. to Charles Burns, $22,500.

271 Vermont St., Arlene Mccarthy to Du Nguyen, $19,000.

357 Maryland St., Rosemary Catalano to Carmen Rivera, $84,000.

24-26 Grant St., Thomas Lenz to 092293 Randall Benderson 1993-1 Trust, Richard Franco, $65,000.

227 Lakefront Blvd., Salvatore Galante to Joseph Coppola, Luciana Coppola, $110,400.

14 Dakota St., Giuseppe Buscaglia, Giuseppe Buscaglia to Tanya Bernard, $44,000.

58 Weaver St., Gregory Szpara, Donna Szpara to Paul Krajas, $23,000.

29 Mendola, Betty Rice, Betty Rice to Anton Bassham, $20,000.

145 Greenfield Ave., Gh&s Securities Inc. to Tarek Fakhuri, Adeeb Fakhuri, $44,000.

567 Potomac Ave., George Ostendorf, Kelly Ostendorf to Terrence Oneill, Julie Oneill, $90,000.

91 Fairelm Lane, Theresa Haefele, Charles Haefele to Kathleen Kuziemkowski, $123,900.

36 Mona Court, James Cudeck, James Cudeck to Residential Funding Corp., $39,485.

182 Burkhardt Ave., Linda Moretta to Yvonne Graczyk, Ronald Dolyk, $91,000.

941 Losson Road, Raymond Buczynski, Rita Buczynski to Paul Wiepert, $147,000.

43 Laura Ct., Mary Kubiszyn to Barbara Multerer, $68,500.

142 Temple Dr., Sandra Russo, Sandra Serniuk to Michael Tycz, Dona Tycz, $77,750.

221 Marrano Pkwy., John Giannicchi, Pamela Giannicchi to Arlene Gajewski, $74,000.

22 Randolph Ave., James Kasprzak, Patty Kasprzak to HUD, $53,723.

49 Daniel, Ronald Wozniak, Florence Wozniak to Shari Majka, $50,000.

3150 Union Rd., Ardy Sales Corp, Ardy Acquisition Corp. to Iskalo Business Park Llc, $310,000.

11 St., Lucia Lane, Kevin Harris to Michael Malone, Annemarie Malone, $114,000.

229 Claudette Ct., Joan Tober to Alan Whalen, Kelly Whalen, $78,000.

640 Borden Road, Violet Skillman, Bryan Russik to Elizabeth Zawadzki, $104,000.

345 Bennett Rd., Wesley Brewer, Annette Brewer to Robert Havernick, Cynthia Eich, $75,000.

87 Irondale Dr., Ingrid Hermann, Anton Hermann to Neal Matter, $112,000.

659 Mt Vernon Rd., David Marnalse, Carol Marnalse to Corrine Worthy, Mark Worthy, $69,000.

183 Roland St., Bertha Knapik, Bernice Knapik to Nancy Sobecky, $36,000.

38 Carolyn Ct., Richard Fix, Kimberly Fix to Jerry Hoerner, Debra Hoerner, $71,000.

Via Del Sole Vl, Venture Knf Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint to Tajuddin Jiva, Jo Jiva, $56,000.

4127 Connection Dr., William Mihalko, Lori Mihalko to Kathleen Chubb, $83,000.

7091 Transit Rd., Joseph Vallone, Charles Woods to Aames Capital Corp., $57,224.

8220 Clarence Center Rd., Farmington Development Corp. to Robert Tesmer, Barbara Tesmer, $65,000.

4541 E Overlook Dr., John Herrmann, Diane Herrmann to Jennifer Dowdell, Jason Clough, $165,500.

9343 Pinyon Ct., Cimato&sons to John Arena, Sheryl Arena, $36,000.

5432 Marthas Vineyard, Shamrock Development Group Llc to Mark Myszka, Elizabeth Myszka, $40,000.

8600-8610 Main St., Apex Management Llc to Entrust Administration Inc., Roy Jordan, $220,000.

8056 Greystone Ct., NVR Inc. (A Virginia Corp.) to Thomas Rotthoff, Debra Rotthoff, $176,675.

4910 Academy St., David Raquet, David Raquet to Richard Flanders, $75,000.

8787 Fairbrook Court, Meadowlakes Development Corp. to Grau Builders, $47,000.

Creekhaven Dr., S388 V/L, Meadowlakes Development Corp. to Jeffrey Grazen, Monique Grazen, $51,900.

8787 Fairbrook Court, Grau Builders to James Bialous, $226,900.

Phillips Road, Frank Taylor to Michael Hunt, Deborah Hunt, $25,000.

V/L Partridge Rd., Theodosia Wroblewski, Francis Wroblewski to Quaker Estates Ii, $60,000.

5298 Twin Pond Dr., Alden State Bank to Drew Hanes, Mary Faltisco, $97,000.

Genesee Rd., William Schneider, Jeffrey Schneider to John Jurkowski, Karen Jurkowski, $11,000.

14834 Groth Rd., Bette Perkins to James Yaksich, Gerald Sitarski, $15,000.

2874 Kulp Rd., Darlene Amadori to Gary Schmitt, Lisa Lowman, $22,500.

2617 Hemlock Rd., Richard Chyreck, Judith Chyreck to Philip Reed, $95,000.

Bowen Rd., (Vacant), John Apgar to Frank Litterio, $14,000.

1790 Bowen Rd., Julie Ellis, Julie Ianucci to Robert Armaly, $116,000.

156 Town Line Rd., James Rozanski, Patricia Rozanski to Daniel Rozanski, $160,000.

Billington Rd., Scott Mages, Faye Mages to Ronald Stack, $42,500.

601 Girdle Road, Edward Bushway, Annette Bushway to Paul Sabia, Michelle Sabia, $136,400.

272 Dawn Ave., County of Erie to Falski Enterprises Inc., $5,400.

7507 Derby Rd., Donald Dash, Carol Dash to James Debolt, Nancy Debolt, $82,000.

8418 Southwestern Blvd., Franklin Drago, Greg Drago to Southtowns Auto Auction Inc., $96,000.

612 Fulton Ave., Charles Webster to Richard Marks, $55,000.

2755 West River Pkwy., Jean Norwalk, Anthony Norwalk to Earl Rhodes, Linda Rhodes, $108,000.

20 Forest Creek Ct., Robert Weaver to James Michalowski, Cheryl Michalowski, $30,000.

55 Sawmill Run, John W Stickl Construction Co. Inc. to James Smith, Melanie Smith, $159,500.

3284 Baseline Rd., Thomas Hurley, Judith Hurley to Theodore Hildebrandt, Elaine Hildebrandt, $145,000.

22 Trails End, Francis Kemeny, Francis Kemeny to Joseph Mole, Nancy Mole, $178,500.

5076 Lakeshore Rd., Kevin Comerford, Jeanne Comerford to John Oneill, Margaret Oneill, $389,000.

1390 North Creek Rd., Marlene Wiles to Mark Moncalian, Gail Moncalian, $41,000.

Bayview Rd., Jean Specht, Jean Specht to Randall Ryan, Valerie Ryan, $25,000.

5429 Scranton Rd., Christine Grygorcewicz to Steven Eckert, $65,000.

30 North St., Joy Koehler to David Corp, $93,500.

3482 Heatherwood Dr., NVR Inc. (A Virginia Corp.) to Kris Kirchberger, $151,500.

Boston State Rd., Albert Putnam, Jean Putnam to Greenacres Inc., $220,000.

220 Prospect Ave., Edward Fassel to Ann Dempsey, $72,500.

153 Holiday Lane, Pd Holdings Inc. to Donald Tom, Cathy Tom, $258,200.

4164 Glenwillow Dr., Charles Buscarino, Concetta Buscarino to Matthew Clifford, Debra Clifford, $99,000.

S-5852 Shoreham Dr., V/L, John Grabenstatter, Susan Grabenstatter to J&m Home Builders Inc., $23,500.

5852 Shoreham Dr., J&m Home Builders Inc. to Patrick Schneider, Jennifer Schneider, $150,046.

S-4926 Mt Vernon Blvd., Kevin Devlin, Santa Devlin to Brian Buckley, Carissa Buckley, $72,500.

10 Sawgrass, Dennis Eisenhauer, Mary Eisenhauer to Concetta Ragonese, $136,500.

5032 Lakeshore Rd., Raymond Moran, Jeanette Moran to Rosemary Catalano, $100,000.

3420 Creekview Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to William Omeara, Karen Omeara, $141,625.

5047 Mount Vernon Blvd., Linda Wynes, Linda Dundon to Gregory Oguich, Teresa Oguich, $87,000.

Camp Rd., Camp-Hamburg Inc. to United States Postal Service, $540,000.

4046 Sheldon Rd., Carol Santini, Amedeo Santini to Richard Santini, Maria Santini, $80,000.

S-6465 Railroad Ave., Jeffrey Walter to Susan Bieber, $11,000.

5391 Briercliff Dr., Brierwood Village Inc. to Mary Eisenhauer, $25,000.

29 Edgewood Rd., Michelle Gutowski to Shirley Clark, $80,500.

426 Westwood Rd., John Wagner, Sherry Wagner to Services Inc. Associates Home Equity, Inc. Ford Consumer Finance Co., $118,409.

18 E Drullard Ave., Mary Piontkowski to Kevin Jablonski, $37,500.

52 Church St., Nancy Bonarowski, Martin Bonarowski to Mary Wohlrab, Jerome Tarpy, $110,000.

69 Wilkshire Pl., Marcia Karan to Associates Consumer Discount Co. Inc., $28,025.

69 Wilkshire Pl., Associates Consumer Discount Co. to Erik Orourke, $75,000.

631 Aurora St., Stanley Brzyski, Diane Brzyski to Thomas Hajduk, $122,000.

24 Stonehedge Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Michael Taffner, Kimberly Taffner, $204,995.

207 N Maple Dr., Kirk Andrusz, Suzanne Andrusz to Richard Fix, Kimberley Fix, $157,000.

412 Central Ave., Ellen Budnik to People Inc., $102,500.

2760 Eldridge Rd., Timothy Rider, Kimberly Rider to Brian Aichinger, Peggy Aichinger, $130,000.

39 Eckerson, Robert Box to W Humphreys, $25,000.

6332 W Quaker St., Patricia Turner to Alden State Bank, $195,033.

3349 Southwestern Blvd., American Equity Associates Limited Partnership to Rwz Realty Corp, $455,000.

34 Southwick Dr., Teresa Bach to Joseph Lombardo, $100,000.

77 Burbank Dr., Timothy Holman, Robbin Holman to Paul Mccarthy, Donna Stanistreet, $179,500.

211 Vistula, Marie Sniderhan to Mary Shanley, $78,500.

7485 Jewett Holmwood, Suzanne Nalbach to Paul Joanne $146,000.

24A Hastings Dr., Suzanne James to Betty Colebert, $146,000.

23 Royalcrest Rd., John Bahun to Eric Tertinek, $93,500.

3804 N Freeman Rd., Alfred Hodgson to Emery Wittmeyer, Joelle Wittmeyer, $85,000.

James Pl., Lois Ellis, Lois Shorts to Sherry Bierwiler, $30,000.

16 Southwick, Frederick Davis to Eugene Eusanio, Anna Eusanio, $143,500.

4949 Ellicott Rd., John Klass to Catherine Goodwyn, $165,000.

5299-D Chestnut Ridge Rd., Orchard Park Properties Inc. to Elmer Kirst, Elvira Kirst, $95,150.

39 Falconcrest Lane, Joseph Ippolito, Martin Winnert to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $43,000.

105-8 Carriage Dr., Richard Robison, Mary Robison to Cathie Conklin-Zulawski, Theodore Zulawski, $50,000.

18 Rock Dove Lane, Dps Southwestern Corp. to Brian Cromwell, Kimberly Cromwell, $79,900.

Allen Rd., Richard Knox, Richard Knox to David Ruggiero, Janine Rausch, $10,000.

275 Main St., Ronald Garrity, Ronald Garrity to Centre Development Enterprises Inc., $22,250.

275 Main St., Douglas Garrity to Centre Development Enterprises Inc., $22,250.

51 Elmwood Park South, John Zimmer to James Neilson, $65,000.

121 Amsterdam St., Kenneth Wythe, Marjorie Wythe to Renee Malicki, Kelly Brown, $90,000.

324 Nassau, Lynne Mcfarland, Lynne Rizzo to Michael Covelli, Michelle Covelli, $67,000.

36 Snughaven Ct., Samuel Arnone, Louise Arnone to Paul Winterhalter, Jacqueline Arnone, $100,000.

334 Forbes Ave., Victor Ruberto, Mary Ruberto to Harold Clark, Marion Clark, $90,000.

134 Thorncliff Rd., Dianne Hoch to Eric Kelschenbach, Paula Kelschenbach, $6,434.

166 Kinsey Ave., James Stoberl, Helen Stoberl to Peter Mutignani, $94,000.

79 Oakridge Ave., Randy Coleman, Randy Coleman to Scott Balsano, $70,900.

54 Grosvenor Rd., George Borth to Norma Schunk, $125,000.

379 W Hazeltine Ave., County of Erie to Daniel Glushefski, $22,000.

45 Hoover Ave., Dennis Woloszyn to Sharon Lukacz, $54,500.

82-92 Burns St.,&30 Boswell, Frank Komorowski to (The) Town of Tonawanda, $84,000.

674 Fries Rd., Paul Conoscenti to Maryann Dawson, Richard Herdlein, $84,000.

402 Shepard Ave., Jeffrey Cammarata, Karen Cammarata to William Wilsman, $75,000.

139 Fairbanks Ave., Edward Belser, Doris Belser to Mark Mcintosh, Tracy Starr-Mcintosh, $87,000.

78 Ebling Ave., James Lorentz, Kathleen Clark to Susan Prinzing, Thomas Palmeri, $94,000.

81 Glencove, Doreen Celotto to Jo Cornejo, $120,000.

282 Lowell Rd., Flora Kraus to Thomas Dickinson, Jeannie Dickinson, $69,000.

88 Avon, James Marillo, Sharon Lansing to Mary Pitts, $55,500.

211 Puritan Rd., Stanley Penkacik, Susan Penkacik to Lisa Rounds, $99,000.

172 Maplegrove Ave., Joseph Mole, Nancy Mole to John Lowry, Mary Lowry, $108,500.

Willow Terrace, Paul Kilian to Gordon Trank, Colleen Trank, $13,000.

29 Lind Ave., Daniel Rothaug, Kathleen Rothaug to Joel Polino, Melissa Perkovich, $67,000.

63 Rollingwoods Lane, Piotrowski Builders Inc. to Carmen Caggiano, Jennifer Caggiano, $240,000.

34 W Cranwood, Michael Carter, Georgeine Carter to Kevin Lynch, $106,000.

181 Fieldcrest, John Reynolds, Mary Reynolds to Michael Carter, Georgeine Carter, $85,000.

55 Dwyer St., Ronald Walinski, Wendy Walinski to Michael Jozak, Kim Jozak, $65,000.

790 Reserve Rd., James Brunner to William Baran, $150,000.

115 Fremont Ave., Victoria Kaznica to Carol Koepnick, Laurie Koepnick, $52,500.

166 Fremont Ave., Mark Mancini, Tammy Mancini to Richard Brown, Jodi Ashmore-Brown, $92,500.

16 Tudor Blvd., Alfred Anderson, Fern Anderson to James Jankowski, $77,350.

46 Westview Dr., Susan Robbins, James Jozwiak to George Clifford, Margaret Clifford, $126,500.

3 Pineview Court, Breski Building Corp. to Edward Jozwiak, Florence Jozwiak, $130,800.

144 Carla Lane, Ralph Pignataro, Ralph Pignataro to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $7,250.

144 Carla Lane, Carl Bueme, Adam Radolinski to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $21,750.

146 Kelsey, Mildred Mulhisen, Nancy Kohl to Debra Melancon, $62,500.

386 Casimir St., Mary Dorka, Stanley Dorka to Andrew Deneka, Kathrine Deneka, $73,000.

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