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Once again, another grand plan for Western New York has gone by the wayside. After all of the hype and excitement, plans for a new Buffalo Zoo fizzled back into reality like too many others in our status-quo city. As it has for decades, The News ran headlines and diagrams on the front page informing the masses of a wonderful new downtown attraction. As usual, there is no end result. Sound familiar?

Thanks to a lack of support from our elected officials and the many residents fearful of change, we can return to the aging zoo at its current location to see giraffes run wild in an area half the size of a football field. I can take my kids to see the bears pace back and forth in their prison-like environment. We can all gag as we enter the monkey house, just like I used to when I was a kid. And our grandchildren can see the majestic elephants roaming over the cement tundra.

Maybe we'll even see the mayor or the county executive. If so, we should thank them for having the foresight to keep our city the norm. I mean, why bother doing anything innovative or exciting? Isn't that what Toronto and Cleveland are for?

I guess now we'll just have to do our best to contain ourselves until that majestic twin span is complete.


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