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WASHINGTON -- Here is how Western New York's four members of the House of Representatives and the state's two senators voted on key bills and amendments within the last week. A "Y" means the member voted for the measure; an "N" means the member voted against the measure.


Clemency for terrorists -- The Senate Tuesday approved, 95-2, a resolution criticizing President Clinton's decision to free 12 members of the Puerto Rican FALN terrorist group from prison. Eleven already have been freed.

Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat, Y; Sen. Charles E. Schumer, Democrat, Y.

Pay raise -- The Senate Thursday approved, 54-38, a $28 billion spending bill that includes a pay raise for members of Congress, the next president and federal workers. The bill, which funds the Treasury Department and other agencies, doubles the next president's salary to $400,000 and gives lawmakers pay boosts of $4,600.

Moynihan, Y; Schumer, N.


Foreign vote influence -- The House Tuesday approved, 242-181, an amendment to a campaign finance reform bill that would prohibit legal permanent residents who are not U.S. citizens from contributing to federal campaigns.

Rep. Amo R. Houghton, R-Corning, N; Rep. John J. LaFalce, D-Town of Tonawanda, Y; Rep. Jack F. Quinn, R-Hamburg, N; Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, R-Clarence, Y.

Travel expenses -- The House Tuesday approved, 261-167, an amendment to a campaign finance reform bill that would require non-officeholders to pay for travel expenses if they fly on government planes while campaigning. The measure would directly affect first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, a likely candidate for the U.S. Senate in New York.

Houghton, Y; LaFalce, N; Quinn, Y; Reynolds, Y.

Campaign spending reforms -- The House Tuesday approved, 252-177, a bill that would revamp the campaign finance system. The bill would ban the use of so-called soft money, strengthen disclosure requirements and regulate advertisements that are sponsored by advocacy groups but targeted at specific candidates.

Houghton, Y; LaFalce, Y; Quinn, Y; Reynolds, N.

Defense spending -- The House Wednesday approved, 375-45, a $289 billion spending bill to fund the Defense Department. The bill provides for a military pay raise, more money for defense readiness and creates a new agency to oversee nuclear weapons programs.

Houghton, Y; LaFalce, Y; Quinn, Y; Reynolds, Y

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