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It appears the author of the Sept. 5 News story "Buffalo at work" was lost in the maelstrom that represents the boundaries separating then, now and what is to come.

While bemoaning the loss of the glory days of labor in the past, including the "sweat-glazed working men and women characterizing Buffalo's industrial-class heroes and martyrs," the opportunities of the future are trivialized as jobs filled by men and women who will "care for ancient baby boomers or endlessly stare into New Age cathode-ray furnaces that promise to fire the next millennium."

As the first member of my extended family to graduate from college, I appreciate full well the courage of hard work and sacrifice for the future.

But the future that our parents, and now we as parents, envisioned for our children provides opportunities that are far more rewarding than serving as "domestics." In the future, as with every age, opportunities and harsh realities will be at every turn.

The only real choice that our children have is to embrace the uncertainty that is the future, and understand that the people who are prepared to work hard -- no, make that think hard -- will do well, just like those before them.

We must stimulate our children to think seriously about the many and varied opportunities for the future.

Let's help them to understand the hard-won skills that will be required to access these jobs. Whether the jobs will be here in Buffalo will be the legacy of our current leaders.


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