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The opening defeat, or embarrassment, of the Bills (whichever fits best) forces me to vent my anger at a coaching staff going back to the Marv Levy era. What makes these coaches think the so-called veterans of the team do not have to play but a small (very small) part of the preseason?

They have proven this policy is a joke, with more 100 yards of penalties in the opener, most of them by the so-called veterans. The defensive backs, all the same as last year's group, were not even close to the opposition's pass receivers, allowing them to roam at will. When will we see the pass interceptions increase?

This is just fundamental football. The coaching staff admits there's no running game, and yet they saw fit to let Anthony Gray, who ran over everything in preseason, be released.

It's my opinion (and the opinion of many of my friends) that the coaching staff needs a closer look. The same mistakes are made over and over by veterans who seem to have too much freedom from being taken to task over their mistakes.

The many taxpayers who gave hard-earned money to upgrade the stadium certainly deserve a better product, and soon.


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