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Unit 116 of the American Contract Bridge League will hold its Buffalo Margaret McCarthy Sectional Tournament Friday and Saturday in the Bridge Centre, 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew.

The tournament will include stratified open pairs and stratified 299er pairs in single sessions at 1 and 7 p.m. Friday and at 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Local bridge players are invited to try the 299er games, which can be enjoyed at all levels of competition. For information, call Curt Hallis at 675-5680.

The Bridge Centre winds up this month's series of weekly 49er pairs nationwide and districtwide competition for players with up to 49 master points at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Scrip winnings of up to $200 are available.

Also on the Bridge Centre calendar are club championship games at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27.

Duplicate Scores
ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Ed Norton and Washington Bennett, 32; Pam Murphy and Doanne Jackson, 31; Mr. and Mrs. Wardell Lewis, 30.

B&P Duplicate -- North-south, George Bills and John Valentine, 131.5; Donald Vincent and Robert Moe Sr., 116; east-west, Paul Libby and Bill Finkelstein, 148.5; Marion Morber and Dorothy Katz, 98; possible 216.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Audrey Phillips and Liliana Jassy, 93.5; Eleanor Wright and Rita Sierocinski, 76.5; east-west, Fran Kurtz and James E. Scott, 87.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Charles Tripi and Philip S. Thomas, 100.08; Donna Steffan and Faith A. Perry, 92.17; east-west, Phyllis A. Post and Trudy Manaher, 104.83; Rubin Partel and Ken Morseon, 96.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, James and Joan Hoover, 136.79; Marion Morber and Dorothy Katz, 127.97; east-west, Albert and Beverly Bernhardt, 127.88.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- Kevin Gervase and Vincent Pesce, 96.06; Randolph J. Seidenberg Jr. and Joseph Branconi, 95.94.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, William Bascom and Suraj Jain, 192.29; east-west, Harold N. Meyers and Trudy Manaher, 167; Donna Steffan and Lorraine Ciavatta tied Nita Ferrell and Dorothy Boyd, 139.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Gerald Fried and John R. Kilmer, 199.5; William Schneidau and Chester Fell, 167; east-west, Joseph Branconi and Randolph J. Seidenberg Jr., 183; Nora Branconi and Michael E. Ryan, 171; Mark Pascale and Misha Tomic, 173; Paul Weiser and Rita M. Pawelczyk, 140.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Betty Dorio and Curtis Hallis, 49; Rita Sierocinski and Betty Dietrich, 47.33.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Shirley Berger and Dorothy S. Blaich, 41.67; Herbert Weiss and Pearl Bookbinder, 39.67.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Judy Graf and Elbert Hargesheimer III, 78.5; Terry Fraas and Paul L. Piciulo, 66.5.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Audrey Phillips and Liliana Jassy, 77; Donna Steffan and Jeanne Gladysz, 68.

Bridge Centre Friday evening -- Kevin Gervase and Alexander Kowal, 61.5; Brian Meyer and Harry Cheung, 59.5.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan and Jeanette Michienzi, 82; Dona J. Tepas and Lorna Brewer, 79.5.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- North-south, Robert P. Olin and Christy Kellogg, 137.25; Joseph Branconi and Brian Meyer, 129.94; B. Ruth Hnath and Mary Ellen State, 108.56; east-west, Florence Notto and Jean Considine, 135.5; Betty Rubins and Ann Coughlin, 101.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Jim Mathis and Gerry Fried, 132; Jeanne Gladysz and Shirley Lyth, 113; east-west, Beverly Cohen and Joan Rose, 132; Paul Orosz and Mike Ryan, 111.

Clarence Senior Center -- North-south, Anne Knapp and Loretta Quenneville, 53; east-west, Dick Lehman and Norm Kirchner, 57.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North South, Chuck Heimerl and Lou Povinelli, 73; east-west, Al Deemer and Edna Fill, 74.5; possible 120. A

East Aurora Wednesday -- Dan Clark and Robert Winkler, 86; Colleen and Merton Haynes, 77.5.

Tots Center Wednesday -- North-south, Chuck Wolf and Lou Lombardi, 110; east-west, Al Deemer and Ralph Freeman, 117.5; possible 198.

Westwood Center Thursday evening -- Lois and Leonard Dopkins, 63; Sally Teibel and Pauline Lewis tied Simon Jacobs and Arlene Gellman, 51.

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