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Are you in your mid-30s, driving a kid-friendly van with a bumper sticker that says "Soccer Mom?"

Maybe your husband is coaching Little League in his hour and a half of spare time a week. Christmas is creeping up on you and the credit cards are maxed out already.

Well, here's something else to think about: You should be planning for your retirement.

Your nest egg for the future should already be incubating if you are 35 or over.

You say you can't possibly start socking away money for retirement while the kids still need braces, not to mention college tuition? Help is on the way.

The Dale Association's Center for Lifelong Learning will offer two preretirement workshops, the first on Saturday and the second on Nov. 13, both from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Dale Association building at 33 Ontario St.

The workshops, led by Joanne Stanton of Edward Jones Investments and Linda Van Buskirk, President/CEO of the Dale Association, Inc., will deal with issues like:

Learning that retirement is another phase of life, to be anticipated rather than feared.

What Social Security and Medicare can do for you.

Recommendations for staying healthy as you age.

Basic strategies for maximizing your money.

How to manage those extra 40 hours a week of free time you'll have when you retire.

Deciding whether to stay in your current house, move or downsize when you retire.

Making sure your estate passes to your designated heirs without a problem.

Beth Ranney, director of public relations and marketing at the Dale Association, said people should begin preretirement planning by age 35 and no later than 45 due to upcoming changes in Social Security and Medicare and continuing increases in the cost of living.

Ms. VanBuskirk emphasized the importance of planning, even for people who don't feel they have the ability to set aside money for retirement. It's the people who don't plan who find themselves in hot water upon retirement, she said, while the preretirement workshops will help people to see how they can plan wisely and effectively on almost any budget.

The cost of the workshop is $69 plus $20 for spouses. For more information or to register, call 433-1886.

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