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I find it quite apt that Joel Giambra's campaign logo is a lighthouse. The purpose of a lighthouse, after all, is to warn people to steer clear of something dangerous. Any experienced mariner knows a lighthouse is a reference point, not a destination, and if you sail toward a lighthouse, you will end up shipwrecked on the rocks -- which pretty well sums up Giambra's plans for Erie County.

Under County Executive Gorski's leadership, the county is out of debt, solvent and using black ink for the first time in a generation. I work for the county. When Gorski first took office, many contractors and suppliers were insisting on cash up front, for fear of having to wait months for payment because we were notoriously slow paying our bills. Why anyone would want to return to those days is a mystery to me.

Certainly Giambra can cut taxes by 30 percent. All he has to do is introduce user fees like Buffalo has to make up the difference. I can't believe anyone would fall for that tired old shell game, but evidently it's working. Is Giambra ahead in the polls? Of course. Everyone in Buffalo is voting for him in order to foist him off on Erie County.

Unless we want to see the county's currently healthy treasury being used to bail Buffalo out of its ocean of red ink, the rest of us had better wise up and sail the safer course, giving a wide berth to that lighthouse.


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