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Russian police pressed on Friday with a security sweep in which some 11,000 people have been detained, including 30 suspected of involvement in a wave of bombings blamed on Islamic militants.

Meanwhile, ordinary citizens were forming house patrols and reporting suspicious-looking people and activities to police. Chechens and others from the Caucasus region say they're being unfairly singled out for interrogations, harassment, even evictions.

"Every day, we get hauled over to the police stations, some days several times," said Mekhman Guseinov, an Azerbaijani who sells leather jackets and shoes at an outdoor market in central Moscow.

"Half of the people have already sent their families back home. They are afraid maybe (Russians) will rise against some ethnic group," he said.

President Boris Yeltsin's government has been under mounting pressure to produce results in its investigation of the explosions that have ripped through four apartment buildings over the past two weeks, killing close to 300 people.

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