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A Sept. 2 News editorial regarding the location of the new convention center stated that "major projects . . . deserve a complete hearing and should go through the crucible of community debate."

It then went on to claim that a task force and consultants had made their recommendations carefully, and that opposition can be harmful.

Apparently the public is not part of the community. No public meetings have taken place or been scheduled by the proponents of this new convention center.

The public is tired of lousy recommendations by experts, task forces and consultants.

These recommendations include moving the UB Campus away from the city; building the Kensington Expressway through vital neighborhoods, trashing Buffalo's historic street layout; separating the city from its waterfront with highways; and ruining a once-vital Main Street with a pedestrian mall.

The News contends that "The (proposed) site is hardly a bastion of economic vitality now." I have taken the time to survey the area. There are more than 30 businesses paying over $400,000 in taxes and fees per year with 600 employees, payrolls of many millions of dollars and scores of millions of dollars in sales.

I believe that rather than spend millions of dollars to acquire and demolish productive buildings at the Mohawk site, the convention center should be located on the parking lot the county already owns east of the HSBC atrium building.


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