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The dress-code rule that prohibits the wearing of hats by all students will be set aside for one day during Franklinville Central School's homecoming week in what may become a traditional "hat day" fund-raising activity.

At the request of Student Council Treasurer Erin Spear, the Board of Education agreed to repeat the activity, undertaken on an experimental basis as part of 1998 homecoming activities.

A date for the event was not specified, but other activities scheduled during that week include a High School Open House at 7 p.m. Oct. 14 and a PTO Auction and Homecoming Dance Oct. 16.

For one day, students may wear hats and other headgear not considered inappropriate in exchange for a fee. The money raised will be donated to Christmas Spirit, a local charity drive that provides clothing, food, toys and other items for Franklinville's needy families during the holiday season.

"We lived through it the last time, and I think we can probably live through it again," said high school Principal Terrence Dolan.

He stated his concerns about the level of tolerance school staff must demonstrate for the event and warned Miss Spears that he will hold the Student Council responsible for removing or prohibiting outlandish or inappropriate head gear.

The school district dress code prohibits male or female students from wearing certain items, including hats, caps, bandannas, sunglasses, sweatbands and other head gear, unless it is used for religious reasons or for a medical purpose. Under normal circumstances, students are required to remove hats upon entering the building.

In other matters, several informational presentations were made, including a review of the Regents exams and other state tests administered during the 1998-1999 school year that ended Aug. 15.

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