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For 72 years, the Peace Bridge has provided access to the United States and Canada. It's a plain, well-built, structurally sound, self-supporting bridge. The safety factor has been excellent, and the cost of maintenance well within budget.

Yes, we have to wait and sometimes tempers flare. So what? This is the way it is at every major bridge -- start, go, stop, wait; start, go, stop, wait. And it's not going to get better.

I urge my fellow Americans and Canadians to forget about looks, studies, environmental hogwash and traffic tie-ups. Let's face the facts. For more than 70 years, she has been "The Bridge."

To some she may look ugly, but to millions of us she is beautiful and strong, an architectural and engineering achievement. Her structure stands out against the morning dawn and evening sunset. Yes, she has done her job very well and will do so for many years to come. So let us reward the Peace Bridge with a thank you for a job well done and give her a twin sister bridge.

WILFRED D. ERTELL Williamsville

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