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John Dobrzenski extolls the virtues of garbage privacy and made such a "stink" about using clear plastic bags that the issue went to court. Donn Esmonde was myopic enough to lend the issue credibility in his Sept. 3 column.

Esmonde is worried that nosy trash handlers can find out if you wear Depends, simply by looking through the clear bags. I don't think any sanitation workers care or would keep track. And if a worker were warped enough to desire such knowledge, does he think an opaque garbage bag is going to thwart his efforts?

It seems to me that an unselfish person would have fought this in court while following the rules at the same time. It went from a "grumpy old man issue" to a bonafide public health concern. Trash left out in a protracted manner draws rats and other vermin, which can pass disease on to humans.

I can save all the Constitution-wavers a sore arm if they would simply do what we do out here in the country: Buy a garbage can. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and cost around six bucks.

Then they can drag their highly opaque trash can out to the end of the driveway, confident that the requisite clear bag (holding the clues to their souls) can be promptly yanked out by the sanitation worker, who should be bound to confidentiality.

Save the cries of Constitution infringement for another day and a different battle. I can think of other efforts against societal abuses in need of the energies of Dobrzenski and his freedom-fighters.


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