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The record industry's version of Super Tuesday arrives next week, and the hits will keep on coming until Christmas.

The fall CD release binge starts Tuesday when Barbra Streisand, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Adam Sandler, Chris Cornell, Trent Reznor, Brian McKnight, Pete Townshend and Iggy Pop fight for listeners' dollars.

If that's not enough, wait until Sept. 28, when Garth Brooks shows up disguised as a rock star named Chris Gaines for his fall release.

"Fragile" is Reznor's first studio album in five years, and some have already proclaimed him as rock's savior. It's a double CD with more than 100 minutes of music.

Streisand's "A Love Like Ours" is filled with love songs, reportedly inspired by her marriage to James Brolin. It includes a duet with country star Vince Gill, "If You Ever Leave Me."

Amos will release a double CD called "To Venus and Back"; Sandler returns with a comedy album, "Stan and Judy's Kid," and Chris Cornell, formerly of Soundgarden, makes his solo debut with a surprisingly pop-style "Euphoria Morning."

The big surprise might be Brian McKnight. The ultra-smooth and romantic R&B singer, who grew up in Buffalo, will release "Back to One," which could be the biggest album of his career.

Pete Townshend, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer with the Who, releases a live album, and Iggy Pop, another old-timer, is back with "Avenue B."

More upcoming major releases (dates subject to change):

Sept. 28: Garth Brooks, "Garth Brooks In ... The Life of Chris Gaines"; Sting, "Brand New Day"; Creed, "Human Clay"; Paula Cole, "Amen"; Our Lady Peace, "Happiness ..."; Indigo Girls, "Come on Now Social"; Method Man and Redman, "America's Most Blunted"; Smokey Robinson, "Intimate."

Oct. 5: David Bowie, "Hours"; Melissa Etheridge, "Breakdown"; Paul McCartney, "Run Devil Run"; Live, "The Distance to Here"; B.B. King, "Let the Good Times Roll."

Oct. 19: Buffalo Springfield box set; Ringo Starr's Christmas album; Andrea Bocelli, "Sacred Arias"; various artists, "Woodstock '99."

Oct. 26: Celine Dion, "Hits"; Bush, "The Science of Things"; various rap artists, "Hard Knock (Life Tour) Live"; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, "Looking Forward"; Alan Jackson, "Under the Influence"; LeAnn Rimes, "LeAnn Rimes."

Nov. 2: Mariah Carey, "Rainbow"; Biggie Smalls, "Born Again"; Metallica, "Live With the San Francisco Symphony"; Rage Against the Machine, untitled; Stone Temple Pilots, "Stone Temple Pilots."

Nov. 9: Michael Jackson, untitled; Lil' Kim, "Notorious Kim"; Will Smith, "Willennium"; Beck, untitled; Fiona Apple, "When the Pawn ..."; Third Eye Blind, "The Red Summer Sun"; Natalie Merchant, "Live."

Nov. 16: Bob Marley, "Songs of Freedom" (box set); N' Sync, "No Strings Attached"; Marilyn Manson, "Live."

Nov. 23: R.E.M., "Man on the Moon" soundtrack; Limp Bizkit, "Poop"; Toni Braxton, untitled; D'Angelo, "Voodoo"; Nas, "Nastradamus."

Dec. 14: OutKast, "Stankonia."

Dec. 21: DMX, untitled.

Dec. 28: Jay Z, "There Could Be Only One."

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