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In the Sept. 5 editions of The News, a front-page story "Invasion of privacy" reported that Blue Cross and Blue Shield is now sharing our names and information with its preferred drugstore chain, Rite Aid.

Then I turned to the business section and read "Staying ahead," only to learn that banks are selling our names, phone numbers, bank-account and credit-card numbers, Social Security numbers, account balances and credit limits to marketers.

In addition to being paid for selling this information, the banks are also earning a commission on everything we may buy from the people they sold the information to.

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says he "doesn't want the Blues sharing this information with others to market products." I suggest he and our other elected officials enact a privacy law prohibiting the sale or release of our most valued information without our written consent.

It is nobody's business what I buy in my pharmacy or grocery store, how much money I spend on charge-card purchases or how much money I have available to me. I thought that my information was my information until I choose to give it out.

The business article listed an address and phone number to contact in an effort to block telemarketing calls and new credit-card offers. I suggest we call and write to these individuals, as well as our elected representatives, and tell them that we feel our information is private, and urge them to enact some sort of legislation to stop this.



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