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Pauly Shore hit it big on MTV and in movies, then faded away. But, he says, his acting career may not be over yet.

"I just want to creep back, I have experience, and I believe in myself again, and I'm passionate about my work and what I'm doing," Shore says in the October issue of Spin magazine. "And if I can keep thinking like that, then I'm going to be better than I was."

Not really a kid anymore at 31, Shore went from his own show on MTV to a string of film comedies including "Encino Man," "Jury Duty" and "In the Army Now." His 1997 TV series "Pauly" was a flop, ending after five episodes.

Trying to break out of the comic stereotype he created for himself, Shore auditioned for dramatic roles with directors including Oliver Stone, Brian de Palma and Francis Ford Coppola.

"They all liked me," Shore said. "They just didn't give me the role."

Shore currently is studying acting and making a comedic documentary called "Spooge," which charts his outlandish encounters with subjects including Australian male strippers and female prison inmates.

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