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Kurt Vonnegut will visit, he will talk. Just don't ask him to read aloud.

"I've never done a reading. It's the lowest art form imaginable," Vonnegut said.

When he comes to St. Paul next weekend, Vonnegut will be acknowledging his new short story collection, "Bagombo Snuff Box," but he has too much on his mind merely to recite old prose.

"I'll talk about stuff that bothers me, like the way people are being cheated out of the experience of 'becoming.' It's the computer which becomes now. People think, 'Oh, boy, wait until I get this new program.' Bill Gates will give you a program to write a perfect Shakespearean sonnet. For God's sake, that's not becoming," Vonnegut said.

"People should practice an art in order to make their souls grow and not to make money or become famous. Paint a picture. Write."

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